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Smiling from ear to ear,
not worried about any usual fears.
I feel high in the sky,
letting everything slide by.
\Turning my head up with pride,
feeling so good inside.
like a high school girl,
shining bright like a pearl.
\feeling so in love
praying that it was sent from up above.
keeping my hopes up high.
Knowing I will be just fine.

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In times of trouble, I usually don't have any one to hear me.
there are I times I just find I cant even see clearly.
My emotions are all entwined and confussed.
Some times I feel like they are so tangled; I don't fell amused.
There are days, that time is so slow.
Thats when I wish, that, time would hurry by, with the flow.
I know I can't make things always go my way.
The truth of the matter is, I try to just get through the day.
I may be wrong for it; but some times, I am tired too.
Just to be the one, who has to do for everyone else, but one!
Who? Me of course! Yet, when I take some time for me;
I end up in total misery!
\Being the only one to make sure it gets done.
Making sure that the unit is running as one.
The weight of the world, is so heavy to carry;
but with Family, Friends and God it shouldn't be so scary!

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Inspired by another;
Words to describe my mother.
So strong and powerfull to hear;
It helps make most worries to desapear.
\"Consillio Et Animis" they are;
Simple and truthfull by far.
"by courage and wisdom";
So heart felt, I pray to God to have them.
\Her life she lived and grew;
As if these words She knew.
Now she passes the trait with love;
only a mother could with our Lord above.
\"Consillio Et Animis" so strong and true;
Helps her to make it through and through.
By her "Courage and wisdom" She is a glow;
The most beautiful glow of the words flow.

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Life is a mystery waiting to unfold
It brings all kinds of wonders to behold
When we feel our life with joy
It is like playing with a new toy
\Taking in everthing it may bring
from the winter to the time of spring
We give, it takes; just as we take, it gives
It works this way in nature, that is how every thing lives
\One big test after another it gives us
Take it day by day and try not fuss
Each time the test gets harder than the the day before
But all the wiser we shall become with a higher score

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My memories of past,
Don't haunt me in my sleep,
Instead I woolgather (in the mid of the day),
... continued
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.... title:God breaks one's pride bydrypk
she claimed with enormous boast fulL pride
my father must in States has to reside,
... continued
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Having just created a group on Facebook true
I'm awaiting the return of my heart love true
Who'll reappear my, our, lives to fulfill
... continued
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As I watch the sunset on this years
first summers day
The weather being perfect, but inside
I feel so gray
My pain from losing her for some reason
hurts worse today
I wonder what she's doing right now
so close but far away
I wish and pray I might hold her
one more time on this perfect
first summers day
I miss her more as we tare away
but sadly I must say
I'm afraid I've lost my one true love
its best now that I get on my way
I'll always miss her as I slowly
turn and walk away

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