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When A woman Goes shopping

The windows gleam the item shine
The manaqines Look pretty
I must stop thinking about shopping
When i am in the city
I really want them shoes and maybe buy a Dress i am a shopaholic and not affraid to confess

I love the noise of the till
As it make the clanging sound
The staff love it when i arrive because i am spending by the pound

My credit card is over worked
My work is never done
I want shopping as a job
As it is so much fun

I always make a fuss of my self
Oh i will spoil my self rotten
as long as have got all i need and theirs nothing I have forgotten
I must admit i must stop
Its something under the hat
I cant stop shopping forever coz wheres the fun in that
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Ahmad Al_khatat More than 1 year ago
Great deep poem
Karen Habermehl More than 1 year ago
I'll still take the day Brave one already, written
Shane Swift More than 1 year ago
Erm if you can find this poem already written then i will pay you my self i just wrote it mate. But the ones you have are from google so wel done for trying
Kim Versace More than 1 year ago
I am sorry but anything to do with shopping doesn't interest me one iota. I would like to read some of your other stuff though. The story flowed well and kept me until the end.
Shane Swift More than 1 year ago
Read my one about loss
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