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Iam so exited
I want to scream and shout
Tell the world my good News
Whats it all about

Gonna leave you thinking
And make you wonder what
Maybe my news is true
Or maybe it is not

You will know in time
I sure you will find out
By word of mouth or Net
thats without a doubt

Keep guessing and have a suspison
But you wont get to know
You will find out so enough
When it is all go

Its definatly exciting
And the exitement is all set
This news is what i need
The best i've had yet

My family dont even know
But i will tell them first
I am so happy right now
I could almost burst

Its nothing to do with marraige
Its far better than that
something i have always wanted
Now i know where im at

The news is nearly here
Hold on to your seat
You be as happy as i am
It will get you on your feet

May not be major to you
But its very important for me
Its gives me a new lease of life
And lets me fly free

I will have to fly the nest
And leave the trash behind
It will help me do my best
My family will be combind

I couldnt leave them out
Not all theyve done for me
So they will follow where i go
They be shouting out with glee

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Bitch Arnie More than 1 year ago
so cool
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