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Visitation day blues

Another I awoke to twisted visions of home
Up and down the floor of prisons far as o could roam
I'd go out to the yard to start another lazy day
A twisted vacation on which another should have payed
When to tell the truth no fault ominous why I was there
Investigator kept me locked his mind so full of fear
I think about the visit of my family I held dear
It's like I was at a petting zoo so hard to keep good cheer
Investigators life made him a twisted puppeteer
Of lives and lies and lots of dope the source of all his fears
His puppets pushed their meth on me and told me how ex
Still I said that I would work that's bprn his fear of me
3judgesake that 4 are juggling these files
A mess to sort of lies on me like going out of style

I know the time is gone no way to get it Back all
because investigators blown away on smack
Putting this down to words I wiped tears from my eyes
As I wiped I realized dozens words be known with shiny flies
Then and there the thought quickly removed the sting from my eyes
Visitations was almost there may it have held some great surprise
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David Wayne Wentworth 11 months ago
Barrett All Is Not Lost.  But What You Feel Is Real, Very Real.  Real Justice Is Often Blind.  What 
You Need Is Hope.  Hope To Go On And Meet The Day Before You.  Knowing Time And Freedom Is On Your Side. Thank You For Sharing, Brother.  Your Poem Ministered To Me.
Shifat Bin Sadeque 6 months ago
A nice  poem.
Bobbie Penberth More than 1 year ago
Bonzell Joins, Jr. 4 months ago
good writting
sharon Talty More than 1 year ago
An investigation is taking place with
No reAl answers.
Kristian Johnson More than 1 year ago
Good piece
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