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I am the rainbow that guides you home
whenever you feel you're lost and alone
I am the bridge between heaven and hell
trust in me I'll guide you well.

I am the sun that warms your soul
I'll give you hope when you need it most
I am the light that dispels the darkness
a new beginning, to those enlightened.

I am the rain that will cleanse your pain
I'll wash away your worries, ensure you'll always flourish,
I will be your saviour, I will give you life,
I'll revive you, I'll guide you, I'll nurture you, I'll save you .

I am the stars, constellations of wisdom,
the truth is written to all seek truth,
the windows of insight, your destiny,
apparent to all if you seek to believe.

I am the moon that shimmers,
I'm the glimmer of hope in the night
I am romance and passion
long after candle light.

I am the roar of thunder, the autumn leaves, first buds of spring,
the bird, the tree, the butterfly, the honey bee, the porcupine,
I am the wind, the gushing springs, the first breath of life and the last,
I'll lead you from darkness, I'll save you, come fly with me tonight.
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Saviour., by maria shaw 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Martin McGill 11 months ago
In tone and in the loving peace it commits within the unity of Earth.
maria shaw 11 months ago
Thanks very much Martin :)
maria shaw 11 months ago
are all we need to survive.
Shay Elcock 11 months ago
so sweet
maria shaw 11 months ago
Thank you Shay :)
miss darlene 5 months ago
Shifat Bin Sadeque 25 days ago
Really  love the rhythm of it.
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