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So long so long

Oh the wonderful thoughts so long so long all when so seen all and hating ?
The lonliness as oh coming all so gripping and so seen all before oh lucky ?
For so climbing and throwing all so become unseen and so making oh sadness and disgrace ?
For all see and picking out all the matter adding all so becoming so right so right ?
Everything turning as ocean and everything so happen so telling as thoughts all telling ?
Srories of something oh as greedness all chanting chanting made so all all pages open oh open ?
Not telling everything all seen everything so going and pulling pulling ?
Crops of all the great imagination as one after one after so seen so long so long?
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So long so long , by William John 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Eamon Molloy 10 months ago
Not bad but not great do nice tash all the same
William John 10 months ago
Thank you
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