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So beating a small drum

So beating a small drum over the universe so clever in the universe ?
At last so saying everything so to say and so changing changing all the universe ?
The knots so taking taking as so telling on anything and everything ?
The bitter taste so made made severe as not knowing anything so to say ?
The forests so spitting strong poison all going as a look so ranging ranging ?
In the paths so hanging so going to become in the deep and oh going ?
The gains all becoming losses losses all so in the not seen wing so for ever for ever ?
The songs so sung going going to be ambrosia and mad and so mad and so dancing dancing ?
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So beating a small drum, by William John 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Daniel Fleming 6 months ago
I really love the flow
William John 6 months ago
Thank you
Roxanne Butler 6 months ago
Love the redundancy of the words, it makes it both clever the rhythm enjoyable!
William John 6 months ago
Thank you
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