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Flowing the honey

Flowing flowing the honey in the sweet jack fruit all in abandance the sweet honey flowimg ?
The sweet gathering oh horropilate for sipping the honey all waiting waiting ?
The sweet honey flowing so friendly on the damsal oh the sweet honey all flowing flowing ?
In the jack fruit oh flowing all so in in the jack tree so like the flowers the sweet honey oh flowing ?
In the blooming nice flowers oh honey flowing and so in the dreaming flowers so all flowing ?
In the lengthy branches of the tree all so sweet honey oh flowing flowing as well ?
In all the things oh useless very ugly oh the sweet honey so flowing flowing ?
In the jack tree branches also honey sweet all flowing flowing the nice honey all flowing ?
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Flowing the honey, by William John 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Kimberly Ehrhart 10 months ago
Love your poems. 

Please rate my poem titled universal Pain ♥️
William John 8 months ago
Thank you
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