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Songs of the shepherd

Songs of the shepherd all burning burning so prikicking songs all pricking songs ?
On the side so leaving songs oh all running songs?
Oh the heart so weaping weaping crying crying songs all the judgements so heaping songs ?
All so running running so creating songs oh the minds so fragrant kissing songs ?
The field so making always oh golden and making everything so great great songs ?
Roaring roaring all so jumbing songs all right all so filling and and such nice songs ?
Oh in the morning so bursting all fine and of greatness bright all the songs oh filling so pretty songs ?
The jungle creepers so doing well and blooming oh horripilating songs of songs?
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William John 10 months ago
Thank you
Songs of the shepherd, by William John 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Robert Bass 9 months ago
a bit speechless...in a good way
William John 8 months ago
Thank you
Kimberly Ehrhart 10 months ago

Rate mine - Kimberly Ehrhart ♥️
William John 10 months ago
Thank you
William John 8 months ago
Thank you
Om Prakash 18 days ago
Rollicking ,lilting poem makes your heart filled
With joy, well done on an offbeat topic.
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