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§o much

Harping harping and so playing well on drums oh so swallow so much ?
The baskets and something all so taking and all the style oh changing as before ?
All the drums so not playing and after taking very well and so seen as so going going ?
The knots not always and then hugging so doing to the end all very well?
All the places so made to catching the puppies as so seen as made before ?
Playing drums so made as many parts changing as very uselees ?
All the parts of the amounts no so got always laughing at as smiling as so seen so seen made as before ?
So the darling oh made always kissing and kissing and somewhat beating beating as so like ?
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§o much, by William John 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Diane P Tabor 6 months ago
Playing the drum instead of the playing fiddle . Everyone plays a different beat of the drum!
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