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The Cemetery.

I cannot describe this feeling
Of complete tranguility
Where the sweet birds sing
And the church bells ring
As I stroll within this cemetery.

My imagination running wild
I thought I saw a woman
Then I thought i saw a child
There was the sound of laughter
But no one to be found.

This is just my imagination
They are asleep beneath the ground.
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The Cemetery., by Christopher Russon 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Andreas Simic 17 days ago
The imagination is a wonderful thing, just like yours. Great job.
Sweet Honey Dove 17 days ago
cemeteries are
excellent for deep
contemplation about
the values of life and
also to honour those
who have walked this
earth before us

i loved your poem
thank you christopher :)
Sonja Carnes 17 days ago
Interesting poem here! Your poem is exquisite! The spirit of life lives on long after the body is laid to rest. Excellent work here!
Sonia Crt 17 days ago
Well expressed imagination
darren de leon 17 days ago
Christopher Russon 17 days ago
Walking through a cemetery I find rather pleasent..
Byron London 17 days ago
Well expressed.
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