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Crows on the tree.

I am sitting on my settee
And looking out my patio
I see crows on the tree and
Flying in the sky so happily.
Flying high swooping low
Putting on a glorious show
Within the sky feeling free.
All of a sudden they hear a sound
What is they hear
They crouch around together in fear.
What could it be this very strange sound
They look in the sky then onto the ground
Suddenly they see a very dark thing
Then they hear that sound again.
Oh dearly me is it trying to sing ?
One by one the crows begin to leave
Leaving the remaining crows to greave
What is this strange singing .what could it be ?
Let me have a look.Let me go and see

I know what it is !!! Didn't you know
It's a broken down icè cream truck
You silly old crows.
Come back to your trees and listen to me
Carry on flying happy and free.
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Crows on the tree., by Christopher Russon 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Kana Kaseo 4 months ago
Jawahar Gupta 4 months ago
I Love your poem
Choices makes us
 Colors add meaning to life
I can see myself in your  words 
Let me tell you, you got it just because you believe it,
~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~
Christopher Russon 4 months ago
This is my 10 year old grandoughters first poem with littlè help from
Me I think she has a lot of potential .so I hope you all like it.
Beautifully Dark Sweet Molasses 4 months ago
your poems are
full of heart christopher
and have inspired me in
the past - keep writing :)
Sonja Carnes 4 months ago
Awesome write! Excellent work. I enjoyed your poem!
Andreas Simic 4 months ago
Cute and humorous.

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