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You're huge!
I'm small
You came
I hid
Your big eyes
Saw me… then
You picked…
Yes! … a rock!
Threw at me
You missed
I'm fast! .. you're slow
And again!
I ran
I avoided you
I don't like
To fight back!
But you kept
On coming!
I'm cornered
And no place to go!
What shall I do?
I'm not a vagabond
I'm just craving for food
But I'm decisive!
I'm like a spear!
You're hit in the neck!
You're really slow!
You're down!
I looked at your
Dying eyes
I'm sorry!
Then I swiftly
Moved to the grass!
I have to live!
To protect my kingdom!!
I'm the King of Cobras!!!
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NOWHERE TO GO, by Carlito Dela Casa 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Carlito Dela Casa 3 months ago
A lesson to teach. 
Rakhi Tiwari 3 months ago
Enjoyed it :)
Carlito Dela Casa 3 months ago
Thanks for your appreciation,  Rakhi. 
Sweet Honey Dove 3 months ago
i loved how you wrote from cobra's perspective
well done, thank you
Carlito Dela Casa 3 months ago
Thanks Sweet Honey Dove
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