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Monkey friend

There's another monkey beside me
looks same
work same
talk same
cool as me
our few habits are alike
other can't be describe
we are funny
some times great listeners
most of the time crazy fighters
good eaters
enjoy parties for no reason
for us
happiness has no season.
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Rakhi Tiwari 5 days ago

life is crazy with those monkey friends

blessed !

Monkey friend, by Rakhi Tiwari 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Subhashchandra Adhav 5 days ago
Nice style --
Wonderful write 
Excellent poem Rakhi!!
Rakhi Tiwari 5 days ago

Thank you sir for your kind words  :) regards !

Akham Nilabir 5 days ago
Same as monkey.Beautiful.
Rakhi Tiwari 5 days ago
thanks :) :)
Uma Natarajan 5 days ago
Like all your poems
Rakhi Tiwari 5 days ago
thanks again mam :) :)
Kushal kalita 5 days ago
Rakhi Tiwari 5 days ago
thanks :)
Rakhi Tiwari 5 days ago
friends are must
Pankaj Kanaujia 5 days ago
Nice poem ! Welldone for drawing so close similarity.
Rakhi Tiwari 5 days ago
thanks a lot :) :)
Sonja Carnes 5 days ago
So unique and intriguing work here!
Lovely poem! Fun and Intriguing work!
I really like your style!  I'm smiling 
The whole time I'm reading, Thank
You, Rakhi nice poem!

Rakhi Tiwari 5 days ago

Its awesome to listen from you Sonja Carnes,

thanks a lot for your beautiful words ,inspiring ! :)

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