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Me and my love

Me and my love together we strive for our dreams and hopes
My love gives me beautiful thoughts.
Looking to the nature I merge with my love.
Sometimes my love carries me on its shoulders.
My love moves inside my brain,body and mind and I become invigorated and refreshed feeling its touch.
My love teaches me the formulas of success and day in and day out makes me wise and intelligent.
My love removes my fears and liberates me from all the bondage.
I explore the entire universe and loving my love strive for peace and harmony in the global village.
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Me and my love, by SUBRAT RATH 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
SUBRAT RATH 3 months ago
Me and my love together we work for our dreams and hopes

Pankaj Kanaujia 3 months ago
Sulimation of love.
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