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Letter To Fathers

Letter to Fathers
Dear Fathers,
There is more to the fatherhood grass than manhood
I’m scare we’ve more men of manhood without man-hold
And because they have no man-hold theirs awry

I feel the pain of many single struggling moms;
Who hops through the world without a man leader?
Your roles and rooms in the family had been left crazily vacant
And your wives and children had been left fallowed
Dear men and brethren with dangling John and Shooters,
You can imagine how evil it’s to abandon your God-given duty post

The woes in our today’s world testifies against you and me
If we don’t give our precious children God or a god to love and fear,
If we don’t love our wives to full and total submission,
If we don’t cultivate, protect and provide for our dear families,
If we don’t teach our wife and children and cultivate our homes
The troubled world of ours, testifies greatly against you and me

Dear fathers, you ought to know the worth your callings and live it
If we have to fight and bully to enforce and keep our position
If we’ve to drink and smoke to prove our manhood and power
If we’ve show our muscle and Achilles’’ tendons to head our homes
If we’ve to wrestle in flesh, the flesh and blood to man-up
Man, we’ve lost our place in God’s precious plan of dominion-ship

O’ men, look at what we don’t know of ourselves and place of pride;
We’re God’s pride and first viable seed upon this precious earth
With plain instructs to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and dominant
And God was proud of us when we first and once name and care
Do we still remember our exclamation with that woman brought to us?
“Wow! Finally here comes flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone”
Yes, that amazing and wonderful words of ours, once upon a time
But we no longer said that same wonderful and teasing words today
We’ve lost our rightful place of righteous ego and selfless pride

Dear fathers, fellow sojourners, real men and brave comrades
Do not imagine I come here to cast and castigate you?
No, I am not and will never ever swim in that dirty pool
I am only here to teach, remind, reconscientize and encourage
I understand your struggles as I do mine because I am a fellow striver
To be precise, I’ve a dangling John that is Thomas as yours
That means I’ve been made to be with you; a friends and comrade
And sincerely, I am—I am your comrade, true friend and yours truly

But what’s the value of friendship, comrade and camaraderie
When we can’t look each other in the eyes and tell ourselves the truth?
Shall we pretend, look away and hypocrisy as true comrade and fellow men?
No, that is a perdition a path, a felony and a gravely grievous error
I don’t and I’ll never ever be part of that perdition and acrimonious error

Dear Fathers,
Many of us have failed, many failing and some even falling
And it’s a slap on precious, mystical, majestic and ego-tic world
As an egotist myself I feel really burdened to write to you
There’s argent need to reclaim our place of pride and take charge

Yes, it’s time we come back from our sabbatical leaves
For those taking their sabbaticals in bars and bear parlors,
Please, go back home because your wife and children need you
For those taking their sabbaticals with women, wine and whisky,
Please, go back home to your wife and children’s waiting arms
For those taking their sabbaticals on hard drugs and cigarettes
Please, stop and ponder on God’s amazing and wonderful love
That makes you the first seed on earth and a cultivator of lives

I could go on and on, but my tears is pouring right now,
I will speak to you more when we meet in our exotica world;
The real world of real man of brave spirit and undying valor
Till then, don’t forget to return home to your wife and children

Yours truly,
Endurance AUF Noble,
Your friend, fellow compatriots, comrade and cultivator.
Happy Fathers' Day!
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Endurance Ajodo 5 months ago
I so much love this poetic letter. It call men out and persuasively ask them to return home where they are suppose to be God's image, fathers and leaders of the family God has given them.
Wonderful poem though lengthy! It's hope this letter change someone!
Letter To Fathers, by Endurance Ajodo 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
H. Alan Neff 5 months ago
Happy Father's Day....

Glad you had a great Relationship

May your Path be a Bright One
Endurance Ajodo 5 months ago
Thanks for this review Alan!
Endurance Ajodo 5 months ago
I so much love this poetic letter. It call men out and persuasively ask them to return home where they are suppose to be God's image, fathers and leaders of the family God has given them.
Wonderful poem though lengthy!
Kushal kalita 5 months ago
I like your poem 
Endurance Ajodo 5 months ago
Thanks for reviewing Kalita.
Sonja Carnes 5 months ago
Beautifully written and Expressed! Amazing work very detailed and Intriguing! Well written,well said!! 
"Go home to Your Wife and Children" excellent work here brilliant write!
Endurance Ajodo 5 months ago
Thanks for this wonderful review Carnes!
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