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My God the Father who created me
My biological father, who raised me
to be me,
My grandfathers, my nearest ancestors,
My ancestral grandfathers, my roots,
My friends who raised their families,
My friends who are single moms,
who acted as fathers too,
My "Compadres",fathers of my Godchildren
Indeed, this is your big day.
Cherish it!!!
June 18, 2017
copyright: CarlitoRDelaCasa

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HEY ALL FATHERS, by Carlito Dela Casa 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Sonja Carnes 4 days ago
Carlito, this is magnificent Work here! Very special and complete!
Brilliant write good heart you have!
Carlito Dela Casa 4 days ago
Hi Sonja, thanks for kind comment. 
Kushal kalita 4 days ago
Carlito Dela Casa 4 days ago
Thanks Kushal
H. Alan Neff 4 days ago
Glad your Relationships have been so Full

Nicely written Poem
Carlito Dela Casa 4 days ago
Pronita Phumelele Danisa 4 days ago
Happy Father's day to my father too.nice poem.
Carlito Dela Casa 4 days ago
Thanks Pronita
Byron London 3 days ago
And true.
Carlito Dela Casa 3 days ago
Thanks Byron.
Akham Nilabir 4 days ago
Excellent !
Carlito Dela Casa 4 days ago
Thanks Akham
Geni Kelepouris 4 days ago
Well done :)
Carlito Dela Casa 4 days ago
Thanks Geni
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