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In my next life I wish
To be King… so great
My people to nourish
My country to protect
My neighbors to befriend
My queen to love and care
My children to rear and raise
And most of all,
My God to worship!
June 19, 2017

copyright: CarlitoRDelaCasa

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Carlito Dela Casa 6 hours ago
If there's a reincarnation
REINCARNATION, by Carlito Dela Casa 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Sonja Carnes 4 days ago
I love this Watch for my poem It is based 
On the same story line of Royalty
Carlito Dela Casa 4 days ago
Hi Sonja. Thanks for your prompt comment. Pls share the poem you mentioned. 
Leanne McLellan 4 days ago
You believe in reincarnation that you'll come back as a King, that's funny Carlito, you should do that too.
Carlito Dela Casa 3 days ago
Funny, but who knows?  But I still wish. Thanks Leanne, for your reaction.
Byron London 4 days ago
So true.
Carlito Dela Casa 4 days ago
Thanks Byron
Andreas Simic 3 days ago
Short, sweet and well written. Enjoy the first life and if there is a second then it will be a bonus. 
Carlito Dela Casa 3 days ago
You're right Andrea.Thanks for your nice review.
H. Alan Neff 4 days ago
Very nicely worded

You give all
Carlito Dela Casa 3 days ago
Thanks for your nice reaction.
Carlito Dela Casa 4 days ago
V. Paul Hall 4 days ago
Good writing.  The theme is clear, but I disagree with your philosophy.  We only go around once.  We need to get it right the first time.  We need to give our best effort.
Carlito Dela Casa 3 days ago
Normally you're right. But God can do a miracle for anyone if He likes to. What if, he read my poem and I know He really did. Thanks though for your nice reaction.
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