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Starting a day

Strating a day with a sweet prayer gives me much energies and strentghs.
Thinking of the Lord I become invigorated and refreshed.
Feeling the Lord in all my thoughts I fight the battles.
With perfection and beauty fruitful become all the work processes.
The sun,moon,mountain,rivers,trees and all the beauties of nature move in the mental processes.
The ocean resides inside my brain and greatly motivates.
I move on the path of peace,prosperity and progress.
With a.mind serene and still I pray for peace and harmony in the global village.
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Starting a day, by SUBRAT RATH 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
SUBRAT RATH 3 months ago
Starting the battle with a mind alive and afresh

Byron London 3 months ago
Sonja Carnes 3 months ago
Good poem
Bonzell Joins 3 months ago
Good free verse but I feel that it needs a little work.
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