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Service attitude

Attitude of service keeps a man in peace.
His thoughts become pure and he helps in a better manner his family,organization and society.
His quality of work improves day in and day out.
Mind is always filled with love and smiles.
Lord blesses him and makes him intelligent and wise.
Receiving the well wishes of others he fulfills his own hopes and dreams.
He moves on the path of peace,progress and prosperity.
His family and social life becomes beautiful.
Serving self and the persons around him he brings in the global village all harmony and peace.
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Service attitude, by SUBRAT RATH 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Rakhi Tiwari 3 months ago
beautiful inspiring lines
H. Alan Neff 3 months ago
My Feelings about God and Life exactly...

I have given Service All my Life

May Your Life of Service proceed in Peace
Leila Rosner 3 months ago
Nice tone. The words chosen give it a nice air of formality that matches the toooc. 
SUBRAT RATH 3 months ago
Attitude of service brings peace and harmony in the family,organization and society.
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