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The story Of Longing

Traveled a long road

Worn shoes

Torn soles

Ton-sil-litis (Tonsillitis)

Just to say

"I love you's"

Hearts abused


We all know the rules

Once we lose
somehow we choose to die

So now

I've packed my bags

I'm traveling,
battling the shadows that bring
these memories freezing my mind in time
inclined to find her again

One foot in front of thee other
to get the stepping and yet,
this very second it's evident

I'm closer then
I've ever been to heaven

Missing my angel


A stranger in this realm
seldom lost

My oxygen cells divorced from
my breathing until,

Now leaving

Close the doors behind

No looking back

Cause now I realize

Her like air in my lungs
to be found seems so profound

I don't know how I've
waited so long!?

It wasn't so long
I let her leave

I remember it like yesterday

The same day I ended breathing

So now,

"So long world!"

I've gone to find my breath again

Torn to pieces
what’s left of me

My hands

My feet

Half this heart

My eyes half blinded

For my mind is
constantly reminded of us

(Pulling up to her address)

And just when
I burst through her door feeling
close to freedom

(Kicking it open "Boom!")

She's been already taken

(Man kissing her)

Oh worn shoes and torn soles
pulling triggers and hitting my soul
shooting right through me

(As her new lover shoots me)

"I'm too late!"

(fading out)

(Holding my chest and falling slowly)
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mercedes More than 1 year ago
so sad..... ;(
Sameer . More than 1 year ago
ARUN MAZUMDER More than 1 year ago
joulnar khaldi More than 1 year ago
sigues asi
jacquelynn ruff More than 1 year ago
True feelings of a break up.  That is very good
Krystal Brewingtion-Poore 6 months ago
I really loved this. Keep up the great work. Hour to hear more from you. May God bless you and your writing. Good luck
Novlette Passley More than 1 year ago
Astrid Hughes More than 1 year ago
beautifully described 
Janice Brown More than 1 year ago
It sounds like suicide.
Saraswathi Vicky More than 1 year ago
Diamond Yvonne More than 1 year ago
Lots details.  
michael attaya More than 1 year ago
Completely lost me....with one or two words per line. And double spacing too many times. Hard to read.
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