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When and if I break the shell of God's knowledge, will I long to understand the revelatory meaning's of his prophetic word's for which are now hidden to me? Is it only a faithful servant of his angels who aspires to unveil his secrets and expose them to all. But, why is his truth unknown to us?
I wish change one's perception of dogma, of a life separate from this world, I pray; And if I duly pray to a high power during my darkest of hours, would I be saved because of my earnest request for inner truth, or will my soul, spirituality and intellect be the only consultants that will run my life, 'of which is powerless?'
Would the life's of others be any different around me, if my soul seized to exist in one place, or how about many, like his other fellow servant on the opposite side of the world exercising forgiveness in his name?
... continued
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Left my wicked soul behind the glass
of her broken dreaming
Inside the glass of my reflection,
sad and dishonesty shown

Wallowing in the absence of her guilt
is my body at rest with the dead...
Forever to see only the moon above,
while your fallen star is being shot down
Yeah, I shot it down
I can feel your black blanket of death 
It slowly covers over me again

Covering me from the future hate,
from her treacherous, deathly fate
I said, blackness please cover me
Blackness, release me
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Wall CLOSING in now
Every inch counts if the evil wants to really lock this in

Retrain my efforts and swallow my
selfish inconsiderate pride
... continued
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We lived within our yesterdays, feeling free of ill reasons. Feeling like we we're at last free, and there were no crowd to watch. Only inside of us do we deem the truth, the costs of freedom. Only you and me understand the absolution in mankind. We breathe in the dirt to feel the hurt. But, it's been so long, so many years have passed. Yet, we have grown so strong. No longer afraid of the past. It doesn't hunt us anymore.
So may your feet walk upon clouds, upon the cracked floors of heaven and see through to all who loved you and those who opposed. See through to me. My friend to the dying end, I eat the marrow that binds your bones. I'm the fuel that fills the sky with fire. I'm the angel releasing you out of damnation into absolution. 
My friend, can you now hear me whispering your name. So silently I'm awaiting your presence. If you decide to come along my path, shall you not lead my way in through temptation and blindness. Shall you not be my guide through the bewildering states of mind. Shall you be my guiding force through life. Life it is, my spiritual friend. My refuge!
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Through tunnels of visions
and through the landscapes of inner submission
Where in the seas do my eye's peer;
... continued
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Tired and way passed broken
Down trodden by the expression of guilt spoken
... continued
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I ran to the hills again in search of my solemn queen
For where has she gone from my Wicca dreams?
Where is the heart I ever so long for,
... continued
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Toeing through motionless time
Beside the wavering trees of spiraling winds
The spiral of immortality admist 
... continued
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Taring down the road to nowhere
Spinning in through realities cycle of life
Back into the generation of long gone days
... continued
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Hasn't the depths of understanding myself
clouded my perception of humanity?
Still, at rest within my applauding efforts
is my shifting attitude towards others

I shall no longer listen to the voices 
of shattered memories
I just need to remember I'm only human
I cannot judge the past
Though, I cannot let go of truth in feeling
It's my only weapon of defense
I won't back down when one jumps 
on their high horse,
then abandons all sense of reason again

I've rode so far into the shadow of darkness
and have their seen the sun shine.
In an effort to heal my wounds from the past, 
I've buried all my hate for another
I want to love again
I want to live
Is their a second chance left for me?
I want so badly to touch your heart
an understand why we cried
Why why why;

Shall my inner god once again understand why
This broken tattooed old man is human, 
after it all
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