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About Me and My Poetry

My name is David and I'm 27 years old. I write mostly poetry about love and the way I perceive it. I started writing back in 1998 with a few pieces here and there. It wasn't until 2002 when a stream of feelings hit me harder then I could take, and writing poetry seemed to be the only way to get those feelings out. I dream of a perfect life, something I never had. A "perfect" life being my parents being together and a fairy tale ending. True love exists for those willing to open their hearts for others of course everyone has their own way of showing their love for one another as well. With an open heart and an open mind you can do anything, don't let anyone stop you or stand in your way. ---- Like my page on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/DFerrariniPoet

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I wonder if we'll smile in our coffins,
While loved ones mourn the day.
The absence of our faces, living, laughing,
... continued
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Some love should not be mentioned
But people tell them anyway.
Some are sad, and some are glad
... continued
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Loneliness, sadness, and solitude 
These are a few of the things I've been through 
Waiting for anything, everyday 
Strange that you don't seem to feel the same way 

Write me off, bury me, leave me for dead 
Open wide, eat your words, choke on regret 
Look through me, Tragedy's not so bad
Remember what was left, Taking me down and more 

Take all I give to you 
After what I've been through 
Go ahead take it all, I honestly don't care at all
Set up and ready to fall, Let it fall 
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Return to a place
Where you feel most safe
Now close your eyes
And re-imagine the world outside
... continued
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A circle
What more could it be?
An endless thing unto itself
... continued
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My mind shuts down
My heart speaks out
When it comes to you girl
... continued
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I miss your kisses
I need your hug
I crave your body
... continued
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A long walk down the forsaken road of lust
Has brought me here unto my knees so weak and brittle
Yet I walk with such ease
My soul is cut, my heart has been shot 
But still I move along whilst hearing our song 
Chirps in the tunnels of my memory bank  
Our dreams flash in front of my eyes 
Of our two little ones passing by 
Except now you're sending me back in time 
To yet another place 
Sealed with a kiss of our love's embrace 
You knew me so well 
And while I'll never forget the time we had together 
I'll always be striving for the bountiful road we had always wanted. 
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Another day playing the game of life
Take another spin on "The Wheel of Despair"
You kept me trapped in silence
And you never even cared
Along the lines of emptiness
Your heart falls in this file
And who could have ever thought
That you alone were this vile
Remember the things you said to me
The hate and animosity that you created
By yourself you've made this pool of abhorrence 
And I am here to look down upon you 
With such pity and sorrow 
You disgust me. 
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Although you make me smile
You have never seen me cry
I'm still happy that you are
In my simple life

Your smile unforgettable
Your laugh a wondrous song
Lips so soft they remind me 
... continued
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