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About Me and My Poetry

I am a romanticst idealist Poet and started writing Poetry at age-4.My first poem was,"Grandmother's Sunshine is Never All Gone." I have since written over ten thousand poems.My God Given gift is I love and I can write all kinds(styles) of poetry. I also am fortunate I can write a poem on any thing at any time..."Peace,Love&Joy", Winston Derek Publishers Inc. Nashville, Tennessee 37205 Library of Congress Catalog card no.ISBN:1-55523-138-1-What else is anyone looking for!!! Love everyone,Hhttp://poetry.com/system/pictures/140858/profile/kennedy_pic02.png?1351702979 help everyone and never,never,never,give up on anyone.

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Remember the Who
God loves you.
Remember the What
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I'm somewhere
But where in body
or body alone
... continued
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I don't know why
But I believe the birds are starting to cry...
They see way up there
... continued
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Global Warming is here to stay
Ask the glaciers changing today.
Ask people in the Circles, India or Japan
they've seen difference in air and land...
The tornado and typhoons bigger and more frequent now
More destruction and more people killed without a span.
Used to be twenty years or so...a long time ago...
Now almost e very year- Joplin Missouri near.
And what does the President say...
Don't believe...It will go away.
Nature's cycle now a bicycle
Maybe a tricycle...
Together we are stronger
Our President said: No longer.
Angry Nature scale now tipped
Only Trump can go back...
I don't know where...
And all I can do is pray to God,
to make a safe way...
And all I can do is pray to God,
to make a safe way.

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Meditation while good
Only in time
Some receive " The Gift "
God's gift beyond time.
I know...been there long ago
People say...How can you be peaceful every day.
Stand for righteousness and gentle play.
Put your values first in others
After.....All sisters and brothers.
Are you Tom religious or spiritual...
I lovethink more than spiritual.
Just Spiritized...
I'm glad I am just me...
Out of everyone from here to Eternity.

I don't want this to sound egotistical or prideful but just love in God, with God and you.

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I just love life and people here
But they say: Heaven forever
Beyond your beauty thoughts.
... continued
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Not enough time for poor Old Time
Many people today...Problem People
Staring down...Instead of level up looking.
... continued
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Sleep Oh sleep...sleep
Some people need a lot
Some just a little...
... continued
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I'm back from Animal Sitting-
Hope all is well
with everyone on this site.
For together- All make it right.
to care and share uplifting words.
Everyone's beauty and wisdom to be heard.
My love and prayers with ALL of you.
as I hope God blesses you and you.
Someone said: Tom your an amazing force...
No, I'm only one of God's instruments
And I hope I am in rhythm or rhyme.
For now...Indeed....Our time.

Our time or Time is different, just different today......So many people in fright....World to them not right.
So many dishonest and thinking only of themselves....Fools they are to scourge the night.
... continued
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You can't get behind your body...Till your dead
Heart, Spirit, Soul left...Who sees
Judgment now-Dead, dread or God lead...
... continued
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