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About Me and My Poetry

Love Speaks through me...life also..come for a drink of life and love!

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About My Poem

the brains and beauties never talk
the raining season never smiles at chalk
the reason of love is a lime tree
which this worldly hell has brought

I keep on licking my finger tips
thinking these are divine lips
now you are charging me of sin
but it is the thing which was naturally brought

Skully looks for a reason now
she does not know what poetry has taught
write me with the freedom of heart
no matter; use blood or golden chalk!
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The night and day play with me
and still i search night and day
my face reflects the brightest light
Still i search for a sunny ray

I am enjoying the fruits of heaven
but still i look for the right way

is life such a question for evryone
you keep on talking but you never say
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Little love and little pain
not less than not more than
just give me a balanced diet
hold me close and tight
you will find how sweet i am
you will see how cute i am
now tell me you will never go
later u can break the promise although
come and enjoy the rainy days
the cold november and sunny mays.
never say that you love me
but still your love i should see
finally remember me when you are free
i would be your garden, your lemon tree!
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the blanlket of darkness
the light of love
very close to each other
we really are now
remember the day
when night was white
and stars were black
ask my heart
ask my soul
ask my life
ask my love 
never i was
so complete
before this night!
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I was brilliant people say
I am brilliant people said
when i will be brilliant, mother says
when i will be earning father says
when u will drive she says
when u will rise best friend says
what i say do they listen
is it sense to lend my ears
i am a sceptic with some fears
but i know the art of love
smiling always saying wow
listen TD what i say
accompany I in my way
I will show u the garden of Adam
I will show u the daughter of Eve
I live silent coz no body listens
take my words and repeat them
Call ur sorrows and defeat them
they are again holding me back
let me go i am scared of them!
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YOU always talk of divine touch
the touch of sky and that of sun
you told me it is semantic not a fun
then why are you pulling this cart
why dont you fly with your thougt
I will never believe in your divine touch
i still prefer the rose's bush
you know how it feels when you took ...off
it becomes the highest thougt
i am divine you are divine
you dont know it but i know
we sprung from fountain of knowledge
touch your self and become divine
you will not be yours neither you would be mine!
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The cover of the night
goes deep on me
the soothing light
I can really sea
the taste of lemon
the smell of garden
all can i feel
but i never feel the way you talk
the way you walk besides me
come and tell me open
what you want in me.
i dont promise it will be yours
but still you can see.
when the night comes i am lonely star
so why do you cry lonely holding your guitar.
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if world is in black and white
then why do you look for more colours
if majority passes without mark
why do you want to work wonders
if people feel the heat and cold
why do you want rainy summers
if people live with kith and kin
why do you want strange lovers
come out of world of fantasy
come out of your silky covers!
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They say Greek Love was so physical
some say it was also platonic
I always dreamed of a Greek lover
... continued
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Are you still there waiting for him
who will never come again to you
Are you still crying for the one
who will never ever even smile for you
sometimes i feel you are crazy
but some times i wonder why
you never hugged him close to you
but still you suffer from the sorrow of distance
you never tasted the cherries of love
but still you feel the eternal thirst
come to me just for a moment
i will show you the new way of life
i assure you a game of tennis
but you will never feel the eternal bliss
let me invite you to a sweet dish
then i will say goodbye with a departing kiss!
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