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About Me and My Poetry

Love Speaks through me...life also..come for a drink of life and love!

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About My Poem

I live in a valley where air is not air
the ice is not ice and fire is not fire
i regularly watch it with my eyes
the animals all time push each other

you hug me up and kiss me in
but never play the music of love
the connection between two people
i not abstract but a list of formulae

... continued
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The beauty comes in excellent form
invites me to a delicious farm
where lovers lay side by side
making love and sharing charm
I keep on taking the invitation
but i certainly alter the norm

I never took the beauty seriously
i always took love furiously
because nobody is furious at love
so i start doing this seriously

The ugliness is where i look
the sounds of the hell whatever I took
the ugliness is kind to me
it is like a golden book!
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She was the piece of my heart
She was in every thought
It was nothing if she was not
she was the magnet; a chilly knot

Diamond laden flowery jewel
she was pious; she was evil
she was a god; she was a devil

one day I read poetry of love
It was centuries before; it was now
She was a poem; she was the how

She left but carved a wound
in my heart and made not a sound
i am not free; I am now bound
No hope for final; waiting in the round

I am now lust; I am the evil
I am a god; I am a devil
I Still hold a lover in darkness
who is mad; a looney trifle!
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 Back in the dew and back in the rain
I walk with angels with no sense of pain
with no sense of loss and no sense of gain
the moon was laughing in the shadow of us
the stars were playing creating a fuss
I was free from every rule
i was stately icecream cool
Till I met your hunting eyes
sharpening voices thundering thighs
the waves of loops and burning ties
the sweetest words and truthful lies
I was sticking to your covers
I was falling in list of lovers
I was filling my thirst with your shade
I was dealing in a flesh trade
then you once told me you are a lie
I was unsmiling and I could not cry
Now can someone come and hold my hand
can some one land in this fruitless land!
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GO to hell just go to hell
why should i care for you?
you have snatched my flower
... continued
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 Last night you were with me
 universes blended with my self
 roses smiling sided by side
... continued
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As I lost my virgin dreams
all golden rays
all sandy bays
I thought of leaving it all
all relations all friendships

no more i watch my golden face
no more i clean your old snap
no more I kiss your private drapes
no more I long for your return
no more clocks tighten my heart beat
no more birds sing along me

my eyes wait long for a tear
neither have i joy nor fear
no more bliss
no shepherd lover

I have painted my face
and my heart has no real grace
lick the feeling and spit it out
i also am addicted to this body love!
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