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About Me and My Poetry

please let give me any feedbacks on my mistakes, i dont have many years writing poetry but i do love to write creative image in a beautiful way. as many people are aware i have gramatical problems therefore with you help if you will i hope to get better.

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About My Poem

     Today, is 1/30/2014 and it is another day where I have to swallow my pain because I can't share it with one who caused it. Sometimes when she gets really angry with me, it feels like she only cares for herself. I could cry I could leave or lament for what I said, or I did but my apologies are never enough to ease her anger. I conceal my emotions away from her, but my hands are washed from the tears I have taken away from my eyes only because I love her with all my heart. I am willing to suffer on my own just to protect her sanity because I love it when she laughs, when she makes jokes and when she smiles. I know that she suffers from a borderline personality disorder, and that is why I don't overwhelm her with my emotions because I can understand she had enough already, but sometimes I just wish she could be aware of what she does like I do. The times she has hurt me. I have let my emotions aside and work it out like if nothing ever happened but dam I cannot fake that nothing is going inside of me because I don't have the same chest that super man has, where every bullets are being reflected and walks like nothing happened.

     Sometimes I feel that one day she will leave me without further notice, and if she does it would feel like the ghost of my spirit has slashed my soul in half even though she has managed to infuse her soul with mines. I don't think I could come back alive if she ever leaves, but that is the most horrifying disadvantage that love can have. We are soul mates in a way that we enjoy everything together, either movies, music, food, beliefs, career, sexual desires, hobbies, similar life experience, and how to raise our children in the future. I am not going to let something so little ruin the 85% of the things we have in common, and definitely I am not going too sober about her disorder every time she gets on her unstable stage. I have sworn my fidelity; I have sworn my trust, and maybe that is why I strive to make it work no matter how hard it gets. I believe in happy ending only when you work for it...
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She is worth more than Pictures
She is worth more than treasure
Her beauty cannot be measured
... continued
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How can I live in the future while I am still in the past?
How can I be in the present, When it was you, 
The present that I had? 
You were the one that kept me on a frozen state
Whom made me treasure every moments with all of it´s taste
I remember it was a blessing beyond fate

I never had to remember anything
Because the present made me have everything
I never remembered being sad
Because today you made me glad
I never remember anything good
Because every day I had you

But now that you are gone, I get you in my dreams
The only cure I have is to walk on memories

I am unstable right now, like the hit of a foul
Wondering where can you be found
I don’t want a treasured memory
So I could just walk on fantasy
But instead I want you to marry me
So we can live for eternity

On past, present, or future
I don’t wanna go back on what I looked for
Never remember nothing
Because at least I have something

And that is
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I am a pirate and you're the treasure
I am a coin and you're it´s measure
I am a Christian and you're the God
... continued
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Rewind the pianist tone of your voice
And stop on the spectacular moments of your tone
But fast foward to the best part of the song
... continued
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Take my essence, take my heart
Take every single reason why I become who I am
Take everything until there is no more
... continued
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What is something that we think we can buy?
At the same time it is one of the hardest things to find?
Something that is harder than finding a hidden treasure
... continued
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Life is the battlefield and the never ending war.
While you are a soldier and your friends are your comrades.
Even though no one teaches you how to survive or how to become strong
That is something that the battle field was made for.
Hold on strong and keep your comrades alive
For at the end of the war they might be the only ones you might have.
Don’t be sacred if you bleed neither suffocate yourself in pain
Remember it is a road that every one of us must take.
... continued
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I have written so many poetries that I can’t seem to think of any words anymore or any topics where I can symbolize you with. If I can’t write by the art of my imagination I guess I will have to write with what I have in the moment. I may not be the best poet neither the best writer, which is why I am still trying to find out on what I am good at doing. 
The reason why I write this message is because I want to let you know that right now I wish I could write the best poetry in the world to someone who is more special than the poetry itself and more important than the world. Someone who is worth fighting the ocean tides, and give away everything I have. Someone who is worth giving my soul but not my heart because I want her to reach the deepest part of my life, someone who is worth giving my thoughts and feelings because I know you will always hear me.
... continued
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She is waiting but I seek patiently
so when the day comes, it will be absolutely amazing.
I will only ask her one simple request
... continued
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