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About Me and My Poetry

Poetry is my way of displaying my emotions and ideas so that what separates me from others in reality can become a commonality based on understanding and connection.

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About My Poem

For the fellow who wallows in inconsistency,
Time becomes the trending emphasis
and he fails to address the irony it holds

Delving inside the midnight sanctuary
replies with the same limited benefit
and its learned that watching the sunrise
isn't always so beautiful

To meet it with rested eyes
is like catching up with an old friend

To meet it while restless
is like watching old friends come and go

A day grows undefined
Through the evanescing fine line 
Until all that's seen is the passing time
Leading one to wallow in inconsistency

It's funny, really

(Written on March 29, 2013)

© Ricky Randall
... continued
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Some things aren't as simple as your smile,
The way you laugh and bite your lip;
I wish they were, I wish we were,
But I stand on the edge of your mind
Watching the way you walk by me

You've got me all perplexed within intentions,
Too difficult to read, those fierce green eyes
Got me thinking naughty things,
What can even be the best of things,
But my musings are nothing to me
When I find myself standing on the edge

All those car rides you had with me
Where we laughed then got lost
Feel merely as recurring dreams do now,
And the memory is never enough:
The rain hit the windshield every time
And all else I remember was feeling too happy 
In the seat next to you

I'll be honest to say you're not very good on the phone,
But all I care is that you tried to be
And I figured out why you stayed on the line till 6am,
Only it's not my job to be a psychologist when 
I've got that soft, worn voice speaking to me still
In the most delicate of states

And your most candid feelings may be ones you won't remember,
But as you go on with your life, I will;
I heard you admit it

I wish you knew we could be okay in our own way
Without doubts and divergence taking toll
Nothing to stop you from hopping in my car for 
Another joyride in the rain

I wish you knew what I meant when I say God
And that it didn't bother you so much,
But that type of selfishness is beyond both of us

So here I stand, at the edge of your mind,
Where you invite my musings in 
But stop me at the door,
Because even my green eyes 
Go misread in your close watch

Oh, how I'd like to look past all the complexities,
To see the world as simple as your smile,
The way you laugh and bite your lip;
I wish it was, and I wish that we were,
But instead I watch the way you walk by me

(Written on December 22, 2012)

© Ricky Randall
... continued
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Wearing a head that weighed a thousand pounds,
I broke down to my knees, then down completely
The sky to the north gladly turned into a sea of gore
And I knew that red was the last bright color I'd ever see

With my tears it would only brighten, permeating my guilt,
So I closed my eyes to the only remaining thought
But it illuminated like the fourth of July beneath my eyelids,
Branding reality forever in my sullen mind

On that night I saw the world through her skin
And she made me hate what I had found

Her pale, lifeless body lying on the floor
Spoke a sense of urgency no longer urgent
And I couldn't help but fall into an abject muse of the days before
In search of implicit blots within the remnants

The sole discovery made worth my while
Was the loaded handgun still in her clutches,
As if it were there by its own will,
Unbent in mirth in its cathedra

Deciding better of it, I tugged off her tender grip,
Hoping her cold hands could forgive the tool of fate that 
I now adjoined with for a staring contest

Before long, I gave in to put my mind at ease
And fell into black with a click

For on that night I saw the world through her skin
And she made me hate what I had found

(Written on December 19, 2012)

© Ricky Randall
... continued
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Toward the end of spring I see the settling in
Of what, you ask? 
Never mind - Just settle in
In a nescient frolic, 
A stubborn stroll without a dare
We walk, but most miss knowing where

Everyone just keeps looking ahead
I, I stop to look where I stand
Because while there is most certainly a path,
There are seasons too
And it would be prudent of you
To be watchful 
All the way through

(Written on December 16, 2012)

© Ricky Randall
... continued
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A forlorn world whispers what's left
And in days to come will guide a low sum
Through the breath of the trees and the water near,
... continued
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Whispers and glimpses, a nervous tap, 
arise from a dull day in void
Leaving the man by the windowsill 
... continued
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I hope I don't come off as something you can easily replicate,
Because I wouldn't want you seeing anything but what's in front of you.

I know you feel timid in the moment, but not in me. I can see,
For I have been here before too, and I watched more closely than you.

Your mind is, for the most part, made up in the first five seconds,
But beyond that cliché is someone who I find keeps coming back.

Because, when have you honestly ever known what you've wanted?
Your decisions reveal what you lack; so hesitant on getting back.

It's for much similar reasons people find themselves reopening the fridge,
And almost every time so simply glance past what's inside it.

Should I ask what you expect to find with all of your blank stares?
When you're far too stubborn to admit, it goes to show what's to come of this.

(Written on October 25, 2012)
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The fanatic in the attic hears nothing but static
And since late last night has grown insomniac symptomatic
A brain now prosthetic, by dreams, mind erratic
... continued
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I do not wish to dissipate the very breath I breathe
Whilst you live off dull pretensions I so quietly wait and seethe
Never was this a game, yet you think that you have won
With thoughts of mine unfinished by the time the day is done
The last word is essential to protect what you know best
And you know you'll surely have it far before I can attest
You'll argue that the darkness in a place we must keep from
But you misplace all your fear and in obscurity succumb
With a walk into the black, you'll find it level to the day
For the light shone matters not in the people's disarray 

(Written on October 22, 2012)
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Breathing through a plastic bag until I'm out of air
Is how I would describe our love, 'cause you don't seem to care
But somehow we still function to a point that I can bare
... continued
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