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If you don't like me
Though I like you,
If you don't care for me
Though I cared for you,
If you don't respect me
Though I honour you,
If you refused me
Though I accepted you
It's in your mind and not mine.

If you put me down
Though I elated you,
If you forget me
Though I missed you,
If you sacrificed me
Though I protected you,
And if you like to kill me
Though life I've given you
Then I'll boldly shout
Sooooo Whaaaaat!!!
I could have been given you all!!!
Then it would be my time to move on.
June 19, 2017

copyright CarlitoRDelaCasa

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NO MATTER WHAT, by Carlito Dela Casa 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Christopher Russon 5 months ago
Treated opposition with kindnes.Lovely write.
Carlito Dela Casa 5 months ago
Thanks for your reaction Christopher.
Carlito Dela Casa 5 months ago
It really happens. Yes!
Subhashchandra Adhav 5 months ago
Yes ! This happens in society and many commoners  fall prey facing such evil  opposite contrasts ---Wonderful write---Excellent share--
Brilliant expression Carlito !!
Sonja Carnes 5 months ago
Very well written and Expressed!
I enjoyed reading your poem
Good intriguing example here
Brilliant contrast opposites
Carlito Dela Casa 5 months ago
Thanks for your warm reaction, Sonja. 
Clyde Land 5 months ago
Carlito Dela Casa 5 months ago
Thanks Clyde. 
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