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About Me and My Poetry

I'm a Master of management and a businessman but poetry is among my passions. I write poems of my life, of society, of nature's perspective… .trying to be fair, to be real, trying to give good values and lessons. Trying to raise those who had fallen. This is the real me. Always in good faith but sometimes misunderstood.

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About My Poem

If you're not born with a golden spoon
Accept that life is not full of vacation.
Blood, tears and sweat are your contributions!
Requires initiative, focus and determination
Before you reach your point of direction.

Life begets difficulties and sacrifices
Swallowing one's pride it takes
Accepting penalties and punishments
Every every harsh words you hears
Adds life to your perspectives

Just move on and save your golden time
One firm direction in your mind
Just walk on the right lane
Without harming no one therein
Then claim your charm of success!
Copyright: CarlitoRDelaCasa
June 24, 2017

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Nothing around in this
Forest so dark!
Except two bottles of
... continued
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Commit idolatry!
Be selfish!
Be egoist
Hold up!
Be an adulterer!
Be a profiteer!
Be a concubine!
Be a glutton!
Be a pediophile!
Be jealous!
Be unfair!
Be a forger!
Be an alcoholic!
Be an atheist!
Be a racist!
Be a land grabber
Be a usurper!
Be a hypocrite!

If you write the poem title,
Before all the above-listed words,
And lived accordingly,
Then you're highly qualified
Candidate to be a saint.
Good luck!
Copyright: CarlitoRDelaCasa
June 23, 2017

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I loved in the past,
I love today,
I will love tomorrow,
I will love till I die.
Just for you


Copyright: CarlitoRDelaCasa
June 23, 2017

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Butter, butter, butterfly
Beautiful colors, you gladly fly
Butter, butter, butterfly
... continued
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Sent a letter of application:

Human Resources Dept....
- blablablah
... continued
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Rabit ears,
Man upside down,
... continued
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I was walking, the grassy and bushy terrain,
In the dreamy jungle with a pillow tree,
Taking picturesque of the awesome sight,
Saving in the memory card of my slumbering mind.

Thence, a glaring blue-scaled dragon visualized!
Scary thunder-like growl deafened my unconscious ears
I'm stunned and tried to run but my legs stocked up!
Can't moved even my hands!

My blurry black eyes enlarged!
I shouted loud but not a sound came out
I got my laser gun and shoot the Titan
But brought more panic! Laser beams never jetted out!

The blue dragon blew it's fang-filled snout!
And burning tongue right in my very direction!
But to my surprise! Gold and gems poured out!
Then nothing followed...completely dark!

Then came the light... a different place showed up!
I'm lying on my bed so wide
Four walls and ceiling around.
It was a good nightmare!

The meaning is clear!
Good fortunes, it will bring
My business improved!
Blue dragon logo now I use.
June 23, 2017
Copyright: CarlitoRDelaCasa

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There is a man...so sad and lonely a man,
With a tortured heart, mind and body,
The man I know since his childhood,
Unluckily raised in poverty.

His true father gone and no meeting of eyes
In the past until now
His mom has to wed a new man to love,
In the beginning the stepfather showed care.

But when mom had born his half siblings
Started the agonies of this man's life
Disgraced by maltreatment from stepfather
His own mother can't prevent.

The boy supported his own life.
Selling morning breads before dawn
Across the river miles away to support...
His meals and elementary course.

He trekked a hard journey
Till high school...till college,
Causing delays in completion,
Of his most dreamt graduation.

But amidst poverty and maltreatment,
He accepted with smiles all odds that life brought.
His bright mind persisted.
Was hired by large companies.

Started to give help to parents,
Help stepfather to be employed.
But life to him really is disheartening!
Stepfather never showed any gratitude!

War in his life goes on till now.
Even his own mother is never on side
Together with his half siblings
Lately, realized he has to go.

Will bid goodbye to a family so harsh!
To find new place he can call a home
Even if he's in solitude,
God will only be his living family that he knows.
June 22, 2017
Copyright: CarlitoRDelaCasa

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I wish to give you everything
But I can't! I really can't!
I'm showered by poverty
... continued
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