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About Me and My Poetry

Poems of my life, of society, of nature's perspective… .trying to be fair, to be real, trying to give good values and lessons. Trying to raise those who had fallen. This is the real me. Always in good faith but sometimes misunderstood.

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About My Poem

I'm walking on this rocky and sandy roadside leading to a vast land
Carrying my food towards a cave where others dear to me dwell
Passing through tall grasses with some scorpions and spiders
I don't give a d*mn to them and they too.. .I can see their eyes

On my way, I hear the thunderous blast of RPGs, the automatic guns
Loud sounds of running combat shoes… sometimes I'm almost hurt
I can see the snipers on high buildings shooting one by one
Sometimes explosions almost hit me… but I don't mind

Sometimes, big tanks roared liked giant lions run beside me
Followed by ear breaking blasts that shake the ground
Then silence… then blasts again, and again and again
I can't almost withstand the heat of burning everything around me

But life must go on, I'm carrying my food to my loved ones
They need my heavy load for them to survive
I have to run as fast as I can… I'm in danger!
But I know my steps are so small and tiny.

They're they go again… .firing their AKs and M16s again
Plenty of them… running… covering… firing..
I saw others fell… screaming… yelling… "Medic! "
Others fell… lifeless.. .trembling legs and arms

Ohhh… what a scene… I'm scared… I have to take chances
I have to run… cover… run… cover… holding firmly my food.
No food must be dropped on this bloody ground
Now at last I reached my cave… loved ones waving and kissing me.

I know others like me are craving for foods at all risks
Before it rains, we have to collect and stock our foods
Its hard to find in the war zones… my creeping legs are tired
Others must go out and do the same that I did.. .creeping for food.
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The day's guite calm … the sun's shining hot and bright
The birds of prey… just flying by in the blurry sky
The chimneys smoking straight up up and away
... continued
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Sometimes when in solitude I'm asking myself
Question I've been keeping secretly to myself
But God's really great!
Endowed me with a bunch of skills
I can do a job done by skilled ones without learning
Just few concentration in my active mind
And firm determination and the job will surely be done
I do business and mastered in management
Aside… God implanted on my skills before my grade school
Drawing and letter recognition in just mere observation
Later in school found myself perfected the ABC's in just a day
Assigned by teacher as alternate when she's at meet.
Teaching my classmates how to write and read
At age six awarded a merit certificate amidst my poverty
Knew wood sculpting at age 10 and JC's face my first
Curved a space rocket so nice but ruined by time
Drawn so many artworks visible in the web
A handyman, I too am.. carpenter, cabinet maker and even
An electrician with skilled worker's caliber
A plumber in addition to my skill with no leaks therein
A bank manager I became from security guard so humble
Self supporting stude I strived to earn accounting degree
Became the boss of those I served when I'm the guard
The bank closed and me became boss of two banks more
Then my business so gradual, grew to patience due
Now engaging more in real estate, a business new
Lately, realized can sing songs so liked and knew
But most of all can write poems to express the simple me
Now, May I ask you Dear God my Father…
June 15, 2017
copyright : CarlitoRDelaCasa
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I'm truly in love with a girl so beautiful and fine
The hair of a fairy..the eyes of an angel
That landed on the open red lotus field
... continued
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I like to succeed..so do you?
Try to cross the mighty seas
Trek on the rocky road barefooted
Breath the foulest air
Of the most polluted avenue
I like to look down to the clouds
From my concrete stronghold
High above the sky
But starting from scratch... can I make it?
The time in my life isn't almost enough
I have to move fast safe and sure
I have many thorns to endure
Many critics to overcome
But I know I still have
Few true friends around as my energy
Family as my foundation
And knowledge as my stairs
I can reach the stars!
June 13, 2017
copyright : CarlitoRDelaCasa
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Life's so hard, challenging, disheartening , sad and short
Sometimes you're up, mostly you're down
You're screaming in your mind that nobody hears
... continued
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When I was young, dreamt to be a racer driver
Learned to run on my own by a old small car
By my dad left when he went out of the country
Pushed it in the open and drove till I learn.

Now, driving tough's my way on the hard winding track
Running in full power and high gear in near sonic speed
'Tis the perilous life spent till I grew up
Earning a living at high risk for my family and friends.

Sometimes do honestly met some deadly misfortunes
Turning my angry yellow Ferrari out of the race
Blazing like hell but have to endure and save my own life
Sometimes I lost but more often I had won.

A racer must put his big mind in the wheels
Doing it precisely as tough as he could be
Sharpening your senses on the rough tracks
Trying to escape every fearsome obstacles you met

Strong determination must you have in your victor's mind
That's the way every racer must focus and dream of
Driving at blasting speed and truly safe for God's sake
And come home along with glory and fame.
June 13, 2017

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It was a good...clear day,
The sun...so hot...clear sky,
The gang...they're on a party cruise.
... continued
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In college, these two young studes met,
University of the Philippines in Clark Field,
Came to know each other thoroughly,
... continued
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How are you, my dear Rio?
Hope you're always on the go,
Wish you were not in limbo,
... continued
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