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I engineered
And I constructed
Towers majestic
... continued
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She spreads
And he butters
If he can't keep it up
... continued
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Never a surer grasp
With her it's all flow,
No pistol whippin'
... continued
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I want to 
Bite off your lip ring
And taste your blood
As I kiss you
Trying to consume you
Fiery in my conquest
As I travel to warmer regions
And I discover
Another set of lips
I must devour
Gripping you
Like my life 
On my not letting go,
As I lap up your truth serum
The vulnerability of you
And the willingness of me
To embrace ourselves
A passionate engulfment
Of all the silent moments
That led to this
Havoc of beating pulses,
Sweat like morning dew
Gleaming off your body
I burrow deep into your soul,
Outside the dead of winter
Still lingers,
I don't ever want to leave...
APAD13 - 145  © okpoet
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Love you lots,
Despite the pain
Despite the rain
From my eyes
Under blue sunlit skies,
In spite
Waking up
Restless in the night
Were I 
An abandoned pup
I cannot lie,
I miss you
Night and day
And I have no clue
What else to say,
My mind in knots
I cannot undo
As I think of you,
Minor relief
Knowing you're alive
But that disbelief
Still lingers
Nine to Five;
Dead ringers
All the pictures
Permanent fixtures
In my head
That I cannot 
Until I'm dead,
And for that I wait
Though a race
This is not,
It is a surer bet
Than to ever see your face
Again; which I will never forget...
APAD13 - 146 © okpoet
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If I was snow
Would you be my angel?
Leaving your imprint
Indentation upon my heart,
Footprints on the beaches
Of my mind
All your memories
Beckoning me
Like my own 
Dark city,
I the constructor
Of my own reality,
You my shell beach
Inaccessible dream,
Or would you fly away?
Mistaking the white of me
For a cold barren world,
Though even in the depths
Of any wasteland
There is life
You cannot see,
Just waiting
For the warm sun to rise,
And as such I await you,
Frozen in a place
Time forgot,
My soul on ice
As you skate on by,
Maybe we'll meet
When the winter thaws
And the rivers flow
Life anew with you once more...
APAD13 - 147  © okpoet
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I gave her
My mind
To fill
I gave her
My heart
To drain,
I gave her
My love
To take take take,
And she took took took,
It was an
All she could take 
And I let her
As I gave gave gave
Never questioning
Never expecting
Never tabulating
A bill,
Even if she'll never
Ask for the check,
I'll never kick her out
I'll let her
Have her fill
Over and over
Maybe maybe
She'll find it all
Too delicious
And she'll sit there
Never finishing her dessert
And she'll never walk out...
APAD13 - 066 © okpoet
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I served
My heart's feelings
Hors d'oeuvres
Upon a platter
And she sampled
Until it was all gone,
And I thought 
That was 
The end of that,
But she
Wanted more
Filet mignon and caviar
Vintage wines and cheeses,
And I 
Couldn't didn't want to provide
All that she aspired to,
So she walked out
And I 
Made more
Hors d'oeuvres
For the next
But they can't see
That these feelings
I serve to one and all,
Are just what I yearn
For myself; 
And I do not 
Wish to indulge them
Without equal measure
In return,
This taste of excellence
Gateway to Nirvana...
APAD13 - 067 © okpoet
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What will bring 
Us together
If not a hook
And a fishing rod?
What will keep 
Us together
If not duct tape
And krazy glue?
But the line
I cast long ago
Remains slack
Not long enough
And the bait 
Long ago lost,
The cap 
On the glue bottle's stuck
Won't open
And the duct tape
Has lost all it's strength,
So I walk
And wander
Then I sit 
And wonder
How shall I try
To reel her in again
How shall I proceed
To keep our hearts
Bound together
So that no distance
Will fade us 
From each other's minds
So our love
Will make the oceans
Seem but a teacup
Between us...
APAD13 - 068 © okpoet
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Telephoto or prime
Bokeh or crisp and clear
I can't find the right lens
To capture your beauty,
Sunlight or flash
Moonlight or twilight
I can't find the right illumination
To capture your soul,
Film or digital
Polaroid or canvas
I can't find the way
To present you
To the world
Perfection in my eyes
From within 
To your exterior,
Pen to paper
Chisel to stone
I can't find the way
To say permanently
All that you mean to me,
From that second of splendor
The first instant we met
To the ever present current
Sweeping us apart and together
Distant and close
But I'm holding out 
For the days we'll journey
Rhythmic steps side by side 
In the sand again...
APAD13 - 069 © okpoet
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