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About Me and My Poetry

My sister had inspired me. all things in poem are because i love her, for all that she did for me. .. scientific researcher, astronomer, inventor, author. The icon above is an interpretation of the three kings. A certain place, and time 2010

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About My Poem

The precession is continuity torquing. It continues to follow the slipping top analogy.
Its simply spinning. Its simply stunning, its simply continues to rotate I will exaggerate your observations. Its simply up to you to observe.As it rotates earthquakes become time variable according to rotational speed. The axis it i pointing, it following the spinning top.. its simply slipping. its simply a stunning effect. There is a pressure of fluid within the core. Its simply splitting, its Humphrey Dummpie. Its described, and self verifying. It simply continues.
Its bursting, of a water balloon. Its simply to soon., Its simply predictable. Its following its secondary oscillation. Beating like a drum. The wave is in front. Its simply like a pointy boat or arrow. Its simply caused by this star. There is, simply no way around. The time frame was predictable. Its simply solar rotation. Its simply lunar precession. At 3 days of solar rotation, and according to speed it will split like a cord. Ripping the seams.
... continued
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Nothing gained nothing lost.
Never to soon bark at the moon.
Longing to touch her lips...
... continued
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Sad to see you go...
Unknowing your battles outcome we feel your grief..
The world is watching,
... continued
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A suicide for life, or death.
Went out to the market, made a crash.
To choose it is, life, or death.
... continued
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sunlight brings all life .
fills the void of darken sky.
giving warmth to mother earth.
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such grand majestey..
eyes pear through your whole wide world..
seen through this portal..
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