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About Me and My Poetry

I want to say thank you to all my readers , You have given me the power and the strength To write ( Dark Angel ) I want you to know I do love God Jehovah very much . Just know this is only A book I am writing and I write poems , Narrative writing etc . Again thank you so much Lilly Emery

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About My Poem

The Hunting Of Dark Angel

It was the hunting of lust , the year 1836 , 1 January 
... continued
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sit in silence 
A mindless puppet I become 
My strings are torn my soul abused
The creaky bones why he tells me what to do 
My eyesight gone bad 
The yell , blaming the hitting,
Cutting at my soul fast 
The words that will never fad 
But my body fading fast 
The chance to turn wrong to right
Have fun with that 
Wars-a-waging, old mans guilt,
the worlds now on more then just a tilt
Love and dreams are only in dreams 
In books that are not true 
bloody thoughts, fear and lost hopes 
And dreams 
I look in the shadows  Dark Angel  lurk
He whispered to me your my puppet on a string 
We sit along time in silence with so much pain
And regrets
There are darkness in the air of unhappiness
It was like an autumn slack sharpening in the air 
It shadow shone beneath the black as if the 
Sun were gone like a sad love song 
My mind race my body and soul wanting to let go 
The reawaken pain starts all over again 

Lilly/ Judy Emery
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Where There Is Love ;
Never give up on something you really want
It's difficult to wait , but more difficult to regret, 
... continued
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Moved On Without You 

Come with me and lets talk about all the what if's  
... continued
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Stealthy In The Gloom /Dark Angel

Stealthy in the gloom of you to me 
... continued
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His Love is like Russian Roulette 

This battle of our love is like Russian Roulette  
You never know when its it ! 
I just take in another breath of who's right 
And who is going to wine this fight tonight , 
I take in another deep sigh even though that is weakness in his eye's, 
The calm is on hand when he tells me we are at our ends 
But when did it ever begin I cried another time , 
This love is a game of Russian roulette you never know  
When this love ends or when it will still be love  
The unknown is what I hold , 
If you play the game of this sick game you call love  
Get ready for the end to come at hand , 
To much pain lost in the dark with so much regreat ! 
He play for keeps don't you see he only wants to see you bleed, 
Its taken your love like a gun to your head , 
For you know it you will feel like you are going to loss your mind , 
This love is like death to come , 
But it had not made way yet because he is still playing with your mind, 
Your almost out of time , 
To play your last hand ,  
Sweating now moving slowly down your face in so much pains , 
On your knees asking to forgiveness for something you never did , 
The blame games he loves to play like a loaded gun ! 
That puts your poor heart on run , 
That's no fun ! 
No time to think your still running in shame , 
Blood shead pain of his game's , 
The cry's of a slow death that has not come yet ! 
The beating of heart who's right who's wrong , 
I’m terrified but I’m not leaving yet until this sick game  
Of his darken is over , 
I must must pass this test its my turn to play , 
So just pull the trigger to see what will take place next , 
Everything is still the same , 
Say a prayer to yourself because I will not let go with out a good hand , 
He says close your eyes because this is it ! 
Sometimes it helps just to hear him crowle , 
And then I get a scary thought it all , 
That he’s here means he’s never lost and that means I am about to lose it all , 
As my life flashes before my eyes , 
I’m wondering will I ever see another sunrise? 
So many won’t get the chance to say goodbye 
But it’s too late too pick up the value of my life and play what is a true hand , 
Then I looked back and he was gone . 

Lilly Emery
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We Belong Together
Broadway bouquet of true love 
... continued
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Suddenly Darkness / Dark Angel
People talks with hate in their hearts,
... continued
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Empty And Cold / Dark Angel
I lay here cold empty 
... continued
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His Love I Hold

His love I hold in my heart is for 
... continued
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