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About Me and My Poetry

I am writing Narrative poems and I'm writing a book on Dark Angel I do hope you like . Lilly Emery

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About My Poem

I Know He Loves Me

My Dark Angel told me he loves me more then I will ever know 
But then why am I so sad 
Why do I feel him wherever I go
I feel his eyes are always on me 
I know he loves me because he told me so
But why does his love have to hurt 
He plays games all the time on my mind
He tells me to look in his eyes
And I will find the darkness of his soul
It's me he wants to take control 
I was alone until I met him 
now I cry to got away from him
I can't forget him out of my head
Out of our bed 
I could feel the change come over me
I ask God to please forgive me 
Help me please get through this 
My Dark Angel gave me life to his dark side
A reason for change  like the season
Is how he changed me 
Darkness is all I can see 
Why my poor heart bleeds
my heart is numb as it can be
My winter are colder then before
my summers are all gone 
I know he loves me because he told me so
When he takes hold of my arms and squeeze them very tight
just to make me cry 
Bits my lips to make me scream 
When he is through with me
he tells me over and over how much he needs me
He loves me more then I will ever know
This I do know
Oh how my world has grown cold 
I see him where ever I go
His words are like a mystery song 
Should I go down in history 
Will anyone miss me 
why yesterday I cried today I smile
I don't know if he is happy or is he made 
I don't know if he is fake smiling me 
He had taken away all my happiness from me
He gave me all his loneliness
He gave me love to make my life worth while
only just for a little while 
He toke my hand gave me a spend and said the words to me 
I love you more then you will ever know
I know he loves me because he told me so 
Do you see all the things he have given me 
Look in my eyes and I will tell you my story
I know he loves me because he told me I am his world 

Lilly Emery
... continued
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What Must I Do

You was always their to the very end my dear lover
You had always been my friend even to the very end
You have a big part in my heart but it is time to let you go
This I do know  
I disappoint you or let you down some how in our life I see
It in your big brown eyes 
I do apologize for making you cry this makes my heart sight 
Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown?
What must I do my friend ? 
What must I do my lover ?
Please take my hand and watch my tears fall hard
Let each tear that falls touch your heart  
I saw the end before we'd begun,
I saw your hurt all that time that another gave
I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won
Someone so wonderful so full of love to give 
But it was not for me to clam  
You gave our love to another under the law of pain 
Of one night of lust that is what end us
I took what's mine by eternal right
Took your soul out into the night
I walked alone hoping that this pain will soon end
My dear friend 
My ex lover 
It may be over but it won't stop there 
You will always be in my dreams in my life 
When everything end's
I am here for you if you'd only care to see 
what you had meant to me
You touched my heart you touched my soul
But then you cut me deep and made me bleed
Why is it you can't see what you had done to me
You changed my life and all my goals
At one time you made me whole 
But that had all end in just one night you given in
To your anger to your lust now look at us
Your love is blind and that I knew when
My heart was blinded by you
I've kissed your lips and held your hand
Shared your dreams and shared your bed
But I have a heart and it is saying I must go 
I can no longer hang on to what could never be
And that would be you and me

Lilly Emery
... continued
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Dark Angel Get's His Delight

Slowly the coldness came back to me again
Slowly, gently the sun light fades to darkness
My mind racing another time
Dark Angel taken control with no love for me to hold
Shatter dreams is what he brings
Their are no hopes for me 
Night time has silently arose 
Soon it shall be time for Dark Angel to take me in delight
Time for me to unite him with an darken kiss 
Close your eyes and surrender I hear his voice
With no wounder that crossed my mind I was ready to 
have some fun for the rest of my time 
Let your thoughts bring you in with mine 
I will take you for a joy ride 
The touch the lust of the both of us made so much fun
We had sex all night long and some 
It was my time to show Dark Angel how it is run around hear
I mad his eye's rolled back like he was going to go to a place 
He had never been because he is the maker of sin
Let's do what is needed to make my body pleased  
Because I am ready for the ride 
Dark Angel has that look in his eyes he just got surprised
I taken hold and I was in all control
Slowly, gently the sun light fades to darkness
Night time has silently arose and Dark Angel gave out a moan 
almost a cry that Moonlight gave in to his dirty sin
Of his delights of his lust 

Lilly Emery
... continued
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Trouble Is He

I'm up by myself thinking what is going on
Up till now I think man sometimes don't have
Common senses in to how to love 
It's funny how I just given up on my defenses
On what I had been holding in my heart all this time
I thought he was one of a kind 
The man of my dreams but he was a man that could 
Easily twist my mind to nothing right
It wasn't long he was given me trouble 
And my heart wasn't doing fine 
He was making me lose my mind 
This guy is not right 
Trouble's is his name 
The kind of trouble to drive me crazy
He walks around acting like he got's everything down
when it comes to loving me 
He plays around and thinks he is the king
It's kind of insane what he is doing to me
I'm searching for reason to let him run free
To get away from me
Somewhere inside of me I know I once loved him
But all that changed with all the trouble he has given me
Nothing but trouble is he
I can't even think when he is around me 
I must set myself free from this sickness he is given me I'm up by myself thinking what is going on
Up till now I think man sometimes don't have
Common senses in to how to love 
It's funny how I just given up on my defenses
On what I had been holding in my heart all this time
I thought he was one of a kind 
But that must had been when I was losing my mind 
When I let him in to play with my heart 
Lilly Emery
... continued
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I Can't Sleep

I can't sleep you keep racing in my mind 
And when I do sleep I only dream of you 
I hate to be awake without you
I miss every touch every kiss you ever given me
You are consume my every thoughts 
You this ache that is in my heart 
I miss the feel of your lips touching mine every night 
Before we had said goodnight 
I miss the way you touched me my heart with a spark
I'm an absolute wreck!!
Do you see how I am without you in my life  
My mind is always wondering about you over time
Your words are always in my head like o'clock work 
I am constantly wishing and praying that you will find
Your way back with your presumptuous way 
And keep all those words you ever told to this heart of mine
That you had meant what you said! 
You spoke the words of true love but why do I feel so blue
You thought I wanted to hear from others what you are out
doing You have broken my heart in to 
You had fulfilled my worst fear 
You gave me nightmares Just to find out you found someone new
When my heart had been crying out to you

Lilly Emery
... continued
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I Will Love You Even When Your Hair Turn's Gray

Lately I've been thinking about the words you use to say to me 
... continued
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Faded Dreams

Faded are the stars in ones dreams 
The spark that holds the heart 
That once filled your presence in my life
Faded are your memories of pains that cut 
deep within your soul 
Death of a love one that kills you of the agony
Of the loss with time they say the pain will fad 
But to me it feels the same  
Faded are your presence that once gave me 
sweet delight 
That once filled your fragrance in my life
Faded are your voice the words words that wasn't nice
The hateful games you played on me
Faded of the pain no way it stayed with me
Faded is the love we once held 
That once were filled with trust and so much love
Dreams that all crashed down on me when you 
cheated on me and made a baby 
Faded are your footsteps
That once I longed to hear walking in our bed you 
Faded are your footprints that I am now glad not to hear
I longed to keep my steps on your footprints made on sand
But today shores washed them away 
Life too will become faded as we age 
My beauty will fad so will yours 
But one thing that will never fad that will be my heart 

Lilly Emery
... continued
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Trail Of Love

Breathe in the trail of love 
Ice river vaporizing the pain of old heartaches
The light years afar and melt downs I feared 
To taste what love had been about 
I breathe in side my soul sweetness of true love  
The sweet abundance of stars instilling dark
I look to see if I could find your name in the heavens 
Where the moon sings out to the millions of stars dancing around
That gives out pleasure in the flowers and the beautiful sea
were love is found springing of the year 
I hold you near with love in the air
The beating of two hearts becoming one
It's love that keeps us holding on
Breathe in the trail of love 
Ice river vaporizing the pain of old heartaches
The light years afar and melt downs I feared 
To taste what love had been about 
Love can be very sweet
Lilly Emery
... continued
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What I Hide Within

When I am tiered with no words 
I find my mind going back to once 
Where I was sad and lonely a place 
I dreaded to ever see again 
Having nobody to comfort me in my sad
state of mind I wore a mask that always smiled
To hide my feelings behind a lie 
I was cut so deep my pain was all over the place 
I almost could hide it no longer 
Before long I had many friends telling me you 
Don't need a man like that so hateful and curl 
With my mask on I was one of them
But deep inside I was dying crying for this pain to end
I still felt empty cold with no love to hold 
I was missing a part of me of long ago 
Nobody could hear my cries at night I was good at hiding 
what it was I was feeling at the time 
I designed my mask to hide the lies of the world I'm doing 
fine with a drink in my hand and a dance on the way 
With ever guy I meet with a smile on my face 
Nobody could see the pain I was feeling deep within me
For I designed my mask to be laughing and having the 
Time of my life Oh how I lied 
Behind all the smiles were the tears of my pains missing you
And behind all the comfort were the fears of my loneliness
All the blues of coldness I hold in my soul a love I couldn't 
let go why he was out having a life
Everything you think you see about me is all a lie 
Day by day night by night I hold you in my heart why you 
been cutting me apart 
I was slowly dying with every nasty word you had very told 
I couldn't go on much longer 
There was something missing So I started reaching for the drink
That everyone had told me that would kill all things 
But look at me now I'm still searching for where love was good
For the thing that'll stop my crying stop my pains 
For someone who'll erase my fears 
For the person who'll wipe my tears 
I had to look at myself and see the real me that was dying within  myself 
With that drink in my hand 
I looked in the morrow and started crying out so loud it was like thunder
hitting the grown 
The rain kept coming down the drink I put down  
With time I found me I love what I see 
All my pains I was holding within is no longer cutting
I smile and it is not fake 
I choose to let it all go and to start loving me 

Lilly Emery
... continued
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"Everything will be fulfilled"

At the center of my heart I found You 
Oh my old love of mine 
You was once a big part of my life 
Are love became like the waves of the sea
Waves like grapes something that was
Once good enough to eat 
But that time in my life you meant to world to me 
But that was before you had cheated on me
But now that old sky of love became solitude
To me you fill me with so much flood tears
that complete the Mediterranean Sea 
The undiminished sky was the night you put are 
Love down to the cheated heart you gave our love to 
Tempo and space is no longer felt so real 
Sea foam's white with all the tears I had cried
The sun shined on the earth but not on my side
Fiery waist of the lies you gave to get me to see 
Things your way oh the agony came 
The gift the talents of what true love gave is no 
Longer found in our home  
Dreams we had planed had been given to the wrong hands
Why my poor heart let go of the love of long ago 
If it ever came back to me it was mine all that time
The Mediterranean sea has all my tears running deep
It suspended the aroma of my pain all over the waves
chorus of rich  resonant salt is my heart
The meanwhile he was out with her my heart was all alone 
Just touch the water you just my feel all my pain he given
The struggling with no hope I had to do this pain all alone
Why he was out making a life for himself 
The waves tell the firm coast all about the love that was 
But the rain came with much pain but at the end 
"Everything will be fulfilled"

Lilly Emery
... continued
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