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About Me and My Poetry

I am a Published Poet, Photographer & Writer. My Books can be found on Amazon under Donald D.Vess and you can find me on FaceBook

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About My Poem

it is the season of giving,
thru a Spirit unseen living.

... continued
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lifes lesson,
beyond reason,
enduring each season,
... continued
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As a Poet I write what others feel;
for the hungry knowing not their next meal,
for the drug addict fixing to steal,
... continued
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the poison of life,
making for the strife,
thoughts from the unknown,
... continued
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its been put on their heart
to protect this land
i'm against war,
but their dedication i do understand...

they deserve more than respect,
this country, for them, should do more,
such a small percentage protecting us,
opened for them should be freedoms every door...

... continued
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so they say
till my dying day
keep the faith 
... continued
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looking into the eyes of the many,
so many different stories to be told,
life lived through each breath,
each one of us a precious gift to the other,
to live as sister and brother...

reading in between the lines of life,
seeing what isnt heard,
believing nothing i hear; half of what i see,
each heart with its own view,
no one walking in the same shoe.
yet, seeking the same path,
... continued
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ive eaten of every fruit life has to offer,
bittersweet was much of its fill,
taste testing all that shouldnt be,
nothing was able to set this soul free...

evil was my natural desire,
to see hell on earth set a fire,
watching everything around me burning down,
listening to silence screaming out its hollowed sound...

it wasnt anything i myself wanted,
dead or alive i just wanted to live,
... continued
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to begin,
is to know your end... 
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theyve been preaching the end of time before mine began,
two thousand & thirteen years ago is when they started this plan.
now, here we all are,
the same number when counting a far away star.
what have we become,
when few are the some...?
ive seen this, that & everything in between,
none has offered true love serene.
i could care less what ive gone thru,
dying is my day due,
none had to walk in this shoe,
born are the many, reborn are the few.
... continued
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