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About Me and My Poetry

I am a Published Poet, Photographer & Writer. My Books can be found on Amazon under Donald D.Vess and you can find me on FaceBook

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About My Poem

Created in thought by an unseen supreme being,
conceived by two through their desire,
born into a world with no directions,
crawling on a path burning a hell fire...

Crying when hunger became a necessity,
comforted when the pain was no longer felt inside,
relaxed in the arms of the caring given,
smiling while hearing words that made no sense...

Slowly growing into a walk with no sight in its end,
lying when caught doing wrong in the eyes of the accuser,
... continued
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I've lived everything dead under the sun,
a dark soul ever seeking a tunnel with light,
eyes seeing a cold corpse,
hands feeling a heartbeat missing...

My inside carries death within its existence,
a sister taken away, a best friend soon after her dying day.
Watching mothers lose their children over drugs,
so many lonely hearts not getting enough hugs...

My thoughts rest in a darkness behind closed eyes,
with a hope lighting a path that can't be seen.
... continued
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The addictions are my heart's misery,
when not entertained they scream out,
hollering there demands in my mind,
"come walk with me again my friend"...

Taking turns whispering to my weakness',
my eyes close tight to pray them away.
some more patient than others,
long or short the fight is the same...

The world says it's mind over matter,
but what then when nothing really matters?
... continued
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Natures silent sound sings a song of a unheard hope,
about a destination far from the worlds glimmering edge.
Standing alone within a kaleidoscopic realm of darkness,
seeking unspoken words beyond the screams of silence...

There resides a deep dark stone walled well resting place,
where ink flows on dead trees sharing its confusion in thought.
Soaking in fallen tears of the yesterdays holding tomorrow,
searching in time for the essence of being what can't be explained.

... continued
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