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About Me and My Poetry

I am a Published Poet, Photographer & Writer. My Books can be found on Amazon under Donald D.Vess and you can find me on FaceBook

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About My Poem

Theyre only your problems,
when you dont give them to God...

... continued
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I use to dream,
hoping for the unseen,
idolatry a religion,
with nothing to lend...

I use to wish upon a star,
so far away; not able to grasp,
wanting that which I didnt have,
something to just make me laugh...

I use to have hope in people,
more under a steeple,
... continued
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If I cared what people think,
I wouldnt be the prodigal son... 

... continued
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The deception of love,
many have their own,
sprouting from their past,
a ship dismast...

Still afloat,
a bumboat,
offshore upon the waves,
each heart to itself, many slaves...

A destination unknown,
sharing it with others,
selfishness of need,
planting a seed...

Reaching deep into another,
craving acceptance,
wanting love,
that's not from above...

The light of a lighthouse,
in the distance,
stay away from here,
from the land you're clear...

Steered away from collision,
reaching the port,
setting up fort,
the world your court...

The deception of love,
when not seeking from above,
becomes push & shove,
unlike the falling dove...

Hear these words,
expect not from others,
hold true serene,
on the Lord, always lean...
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To her I was born,
becoming her thorn,
to none I'm sworn,
... continued
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Ive watched a south florida sunrise,
Ive seen a michigan winter sunset,
Ive lived every state in between,
these are the places Ive seen...

Full moons over the ocean,
quarter moons in the north,
rising tides in the south,
now smoky mountain living...

Just my woman, the dogs and me,
few I care to see,
... continued
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My Crown of Thorns;
breathing, living,
seeing, hearing,
... continued
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To write is to;
share a feeling,
release a thought,
... continued
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I arrived in anger,
a complete stranger,
seeking peace,
selfishness decrease...

I didnt request the hate, 
it came to me freely,
from across the sea,
ancestors to live free...

Where it all began, 
who remembers? 
Why it still exist, 
the mind cant resist... 

Adults with 'hand-me-downs', 
acting like a flock of clowns, 
no reason to change, 
a living derange... 

Ive come to break the curse, 
sent away in a hurst, 
not needing to be first, 
love is my thirst... 

Entering in through the exit door, 
no reason to even any score, 
mending to each sore, 
rising from the cold floor... 

Hate is my enemy, 
striking from behind, 
crawling up my spine, 
entering my mind... 

life is comfort, 
life is peace, 
life is real, 
life is what I feel... 
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I know what its like to be hated by family,
they were there,
during all of the times you didnt see.
... continued
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