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I didn't ask a ring from anyone else
Make a decision fast for it is also a skill of a good leader
Take a leap of faith
... continued
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I am awake, aware - kinda enlightened
I like fiction but not enough to immerse deep into deception of life
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Sometimes I listen to music by Coldplay
miracles(2014),Whiz Kalifa see you again
And i also sometimes watch movies such as
Kingsmen etc
I wonder where you are-
I probably have been told-
I wonder what it would be like when time goes by
And I realize you are gone but there
I'd be sad-
Maybe somebody will have to play the same role
Someday I will know the truth
But i know my heart would be fully insulated and unhurt- blocked against any kind of outside shock
And I would coldly walk away, unhurt,
But someday i will see you again over the horizon

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A soul needs rest and a deep meditation
Where-to from here is a question for me also
Once upon a time I mapped the stars on the skies
Now I stare at them blank-mindedly
Someday I will make up my mind
And reconcile with the currents of time
Some day i will be older
But even now i am fully awake-
Eyes stare at the horizon of blushing paints
Soon enough, I know I will know full answers

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Ones born out of wombs
Ones born out of wet dark labs or dark wetness like bacteria
Ones born out of eggs
And ones that manifest into life
Such as i can shift myself and be born in venus
So like i can manifest to higher dimension
It is a birth without pain
I think your existences prove who i am
Ok, lets collect some money for me
One million each- make a good karma for future buddha- i can give you free preaching

they could all appear like human. It is the soul that participate; it is not the body

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I deserve to be the center of my universe
I wanna be deeply loved and cared for
I wanna be given letters to
I think I am very worthy to be loved
Yeah. So anyways, I wanna let them all go except Jean.

... continued
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Can you stop following me you lab duck
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you are a piece of trash.
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It is your grandeur commitment that you become a beacon in darkness. And edify, enlighten and bring in mental refuge for those that may even be undeserving - among the six recycling categories of living. I don't know what your relationship is with Jesus. If you are jesus or if you are Jesus's friend. Dying on a cross and sending his friend john. I think - I am sorry but that's your commitment and intention- a great noble intention, I personally want myself out of this karma. I am 34, 5 decades ahead, I want a happy life here, I wanna exit and I don't wanna return.
And you will ship me off afterwards.
That's what I want.
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J'aime la façon dont vous attrapez mon cul par vos mains et m'aimer si doucement
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