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About Me and My Poetry

Endurance AUF Noble is a poet, a storyteller, and a motivational writer. He has a B. Sc in Biochemistry from Kogi State University, Anyigba. He is a lover of Poem, Wisdom, Knowledge and Writing.

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About My Poem

I do not know what you pray for,
I do know you have a wish,
Someday in a future near,
... continued
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The Three Acts Of Mercy

I heard of His merciful love,
Endless and lasting it reigned,
But how can mere mortals can't know?
Really hard b'cos it comes in acts shrewd,
This philosophy, however, is celestial.

I've heard of three stages of mercy:
These are denial, delay and refusal,
Though brutal and painful, act 1,
"God's denial is a show of mercy"
We receive God's mercy in every denial.

How much is a second worth?
It's most likely worth a little longer,
Though hard and unbelievable,
"God's delay is an extension of life"
Our lives gets extended when God delays us.

The last of the three acts is refusal,
Of this I have heard the philosopher say,
"God's refusal is a saving grace"
O' yes, we got save when we ask but receives not
This is the way of the Dear Lord,

Read this summary again reflectively
These are the three acts of mercy:
"God's denial is a show of mercy,
"God's delay is an extension of life,
"God's refusal is a saving grace"
Take time off to think and ponder this,
If you are blessed, thank God I shared

Taken in paraphrase from my book,
"Manifesting God's Seal of Supremacy"

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I've long hope someone will,
But long enough have I spill,
Whirling in the wild like a mill,
... continued
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I met the owner of the garden,
In a gentle walk of plain gladden,
Curious he might be my only dean,
... continued
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When the poem of the weird pain was shared,
And it like life ends half way somewhere unknown,
Someone asks in a brazen curiosity, "Is it complete?"

How will I know my Lord;how will I know in this world?
Our pain are incomplete and our sweetness lame,
So how can our stories of pain be complete?

We may cry as long as our pain sticks and glues,
When we are free enough to hold back our tears,
Then and there, our stories of pain ends incomplete.

We may experience it again sometimes someday,
But we have to enjoy the break we're here given,
So that life's dark and light bliss may met and mix.

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You heard it like it's an alien stories.
They are but stories from our world,
Grieving enough to dimple hope,
... continued
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Silently the good around us wanes.
We pray for the arrival of the helping rod
of the good, loving and just Lord,
... continued
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You walked so elegant like a Diva,
Confident and firm and prolific,
And starling in deer-like steps,
... continued
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Men had chosen the wrong path,
Mis-representing things with the wrong,
You would wonder mundane prevail?
It's a make of mundane viewing,
Because they have lost the essence,
And so create Argument where there is none.

Man wrongly thinks he is from dust,
Which shall return unto dust,
Has he forgotten he is a breath from God?
Has he forgotten the breath that gives life?
O' if he remember who he is,
He will know he is not dust but God's breath,
Which shall return unto God and not dust.

Have you heard one plus one equals one?
When we know in Mathematics that it's two?
What about Mathematical addition of the trinity?
The came up with those to discredit science,
But science is at no war with humans,
Marriage is for multiplications of souls,
And multiplication will just be right.

Man is miserably a lost being,
Choosing for himself wrong origin and destination
I am not a dust which shall return to dust,
I am the breath of God which shall return to God.
One plus one isn't equal to two (1+1=2)
One times one is equal to one (1*1=1)
Now I call you home to the hidden truth
But as of the choice, it's yours alone to make.

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I met you on this beautiful path,
Lined with love and affection,
I thought it was okay to share,
... continued
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