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About Me and My Poetry

Endurance AUF Noble is a poet, a storyteller, and a motivational writer. He has a B. Sc in Biochemistry from Kogi State University, Anyigba. He is a lover of Poem, Wisdom, Knowledge and Writing.

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About My Poem

The path in plow,
Furnished by the imagination of the poet,
Only he can see through golden goblet
... continued
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You have a little bowed legs,
I've for myself an open teeth,
Each of us is a part of the world,
... continued
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Should I say, "I am glad I came here,
Or that I'm glad here is improving me?"
Either way, I am truly glad indeed.
... continued
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I hold you pristine all through the fighting night
Like we were pairs of predestined lovers,
I hold tight in a moment of grieve and pain,
... continued
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I met you singing under the Amour tree,
You were singing so sweet and melodious,
That was before my tall shadow fall upon,
... continued
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Once when passion flames,
Thoughts were thin and lamed,
You were in to take the blame,
Because that's how the game,
Played out amidst the flame.

Some went spreading the fame,
That we're seen together in the claims,
Who cares when everything is an aim,
And we were aiming to win the game,
The game that passion duly flames.

I was with you in that passionate game,
I was with you in the flaring flames,
I was with you all through the blames,
The aim was to defend you my dame,
What name were you called; what name?

You remember that special name?
That name of lovely flames and fame?
You remember the Rosalinda Dame?
O' you've forgotten of the beautiful names,
That's why you're to take the blames.

Love it was that gave you the names,
That once beautiful Rosalinda Dame,
A name you love and a name you fame
You're to blame for laming passion's flames
You're to blame for forgetting Rosalinda Dame.

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When you wake up in the morning,
You had message from secret admirer,
One you admire, not one who admires you,
And you smile to yourself and say, "Yes!"
Because you'll have a date with him or her,
And you actually had but half way--in,
You are left alone without a reason,
That's is a typical example of a bad day.

When you are out for a great feast,
Sitting under the regal halogen light,
Directly opposite the man or woman you love,
And your entire heart was lifting in joy,
Because you're in company you most desire,
And then when you want to passionately kiss,
You woke-up realizing it's a dream and feeling awful,
That's is a total representation of a bad day.

When you walk in the beautiful garden holding hands,
With the one person you love so freaky dear,
Or sun warm at the great Oliveth Palm Beach,
Lying side-by-side with your sweet Rosalinda,
But ocean wave rises and splash; stealing your love,
And you struggle to save but to no fruiting avail,
And you've to cry and wail and throw yourself sobbing,
O' that's really a perfect example a bad day.

When you think I am crazy after all these stuffs,
O' wait, I just had a bad bad bad day myself.

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Once, thinking of you was a sane thing,
But now, it's no more any longer,
It's a nightmare i wished to be cure off,
... continued
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I ask you as I would ask myself,
To put point through and in perspective,
To call attention to what's obvious and wrong,
... continued
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During that time I love you,
Things were beautiful and defined,
Behind everything thought and action,
... continued
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