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About Me and My Poetry

Endurance AUF Noble is a poet, a storyteller, and a motivational writer. He has a B. Sc in Biochemistry from Kogi State University, Anyigba. He is a lover of Poem, Wisdom, Knowledge and Writing.

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About My Poem

So much has been said about your painful sting,
How silently you walk among us with your bullying,
Even though unseen but the taken lies in state,
I'm sad you came today taking home my beloved,
As you sneaked in and snatched him from us,
Do make sure you put him in better position there,
Where you've taken him-where neither I or anyone knew

I could be angry with you for your in-consideration,
But I do remember we are your debtors still here,
But while you demand your payable fee from each of us,
I do beg of you be a little consideration of our feeling,
The pain of those left behind to weep and mourn,
Those here crying and counting their losses,
We know we owe you, O' death, but give us a little space

I'm sad, and in sadness I dare ask you stay away awhile
Let us have a breathing space for ourselves and family,
Take no more any soul death? What you've is enough,
For us, it is forever hard to fill the spaces you've created
While you came silently leading Uncle home by the hand,
You never thought of infants and the suckling toddlers,
They're hear with their tears, to bid Uncle and Dad farewell

Written and Dedicated,
... continued
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If you can love without fear, fine!
I open my heart to your love divine!
And paired together we can dine and wine!
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I send you this token of gift,
Wonder not why I have,
Because you may never find out,
... continued
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Today like Yesterday,
I've new thoughts, each worth its lot,
You might think I am a loser,
... continued
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Am with you,
Not because you want me,
But because i want to be,
... continued
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There are some who don't want to hear this,
Because of the sentiments they share
But who cares what your sentiment is worth,
... continued
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The two were tightly paired lone pairs
As the sit together, they glow
While they walk together, they blossom.

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When I look through the fume of anger,
Unto the hunger in his blazing eyes,
I feel terrified by his lot in this beautiful world,
... continued
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I am afraid of saying this,
But I've to say it because it bothers me.

That child on the street is a gift,
A gift to someone and a gift to the world

If then this is the case and true,
He should be in somewhere better.

Not on the lonely streets,
Not to be left to fed for himself.

Should we not learn from God;
How he made the earth before us?

That child on the street,
Should be in school or in a loving home.

I am afraid to say this,
But I've better die bearing my mind,

Child begging is an evil culture,
We must put a stop to it now!

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Grace! A word filled with mystery and power,
Some believed grace sustains and keeps,
Others think grace can do what men ought,
And on and on the mystery goes around us,
Until grace is abused by error in human thoughts.

I was in that little shop to inquire and buy,
Behind be is the little boy with his begging plate,
I closed eyes against his, which are troubled,
I know he's one of those child left to be feed by grace
He was there to begged and truly begged of me.

Blazed and flamed in anger and despair,
"Where is your father?" I dare to ask,
"He is at home" the innocent lad replied,
"And your mother?" I dare to ask again,
"She is at home" his innocence blinked out.

My tears was close to dropping pool by pool,
"What do they do?" I struggled through
"Nothing" the innocent child softly said,
With hunger symptoms blinking his eyes,
O' he is left to be feed by grace, I knew

Some said "It's a culture to be upheld"
If you practice culture of sending children begging,
Or father one of those child left to be fed by grace,
Do remember all don't get lucky to be fed by grace,
Some are unfortunately fed by devil in street corners,
Who finds pleasure using them against the rest of us

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