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Tea Towel Rehabilitation Clinic

I've never been a housewife.
I can proudly say.
Housewife of the year.
Is not my accolade.

I once hung out some washing.
From one end of the line to another.
Then only realised something wasn't
right.When I went to bring it in at night.

Then I realised it was as dirty as the time
it had gone in.The washing powder was
still in the machine and this really made me

I refuse to purchase tea towels.I find them
irksome things.They annoy me almost as
much as,the microwave when it pings.

Then once I sieved my lumpy gravy.
Poured it through a colander so it
would be lovely and smooth,for
a family Sunday lunch.

But....forgot to put the colander
underneath and poured the lot
down the sink!!

I put my christmas turkey,one year
as I rushed with haste.Into the oven
on a plastic tray.And even forgot to baste.

So when the smell of burning plastic
filled our christmas morning home.
We had to throw the bird away and
just pick on the bones!!

Then one time,whilst peeling tatas
I put the peel in any empty vegetable
packet.But alas it did not reach the bin.
As I put in back in the freezer with the
potatoes peelings in it.

So then we arrived as does everyone.
To the end of a frugal month.How delighted
I was as I thought I'd found some frozen
vegetables,I did not know were there.

Imagine my despondency,yes close to despair
when I opened the packet and found.The frozen
peelings from yesteryear.!!!!

So now I have decided to book my self a place.
In the tea rehabilitation clinic at least for one
good year.
This poem has been reported for abuse and is under review.

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Tea Towel Rehabilitation Clinic, by Leonor Varella 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 37 reviews.
Kimberly Montgomery 7 months ago
I enjoy the humor but their are some men who aren't concern with your domestication...you can hire those professional as long as you are a professional at what he likes most...making him top priority! 
Iveri Maisuradze 6 months ago
Tea Towel Rehabilitation Clinic
Shelly Welsh 5 months ago
well written.  extremely creative and totally enjoyed
Gary Wurtsmith 10 months ago
This is a funny and somewhat true story. Very well done. If you start, you must finish
Donald Patton 12 months ago
Funny and witty...grin!
Hannah Bailey 25 days ago
Cracked me up!
Amber Whitehead More than 1 year ago
Sweet Honey Dove More than 1 year ago
good humour!
real life
Sonja Carnes More than 1 year ago
I love your work!
Md Munib More than 1 year ago
Amazing poem
Gina Harmon 3 months ago
I loved the humor and frustration of this poem!  LOL  I can relate!!
Durga Pramod 9 months ago
reallly good
Rodann Gonzales 21 days ago
i loved it. your poem made my bad day just go away..when you try to be a perfect housewife you must learn it is never perfect.
Forthoth Dinah 29 days ago
Very funny. 
Shridhar Ahire 18 days ago
Really funny
Sohel Bhattacharya 10 months ago
Andreas Simic 9 months ago
Yes I have a microwave story or two and find all things in places that they shouldn't call home, so it very clear to me that I suffer the same triviality. Being human has its moments indeed. Enjoyable reading.
Mieft Aenzeish 7 months ago
Like a short story, and it's cooler
Morgan Chapman 9 months ago
I feel like this is me...haha
Jason Jerome 11 days ago
I do my laundry in the tub
Hang it on the shower curtain rod
Saves time,

I can leave them for days, microwave beeps when food is done, let me "mansplain"...
Gravy is made with a whisk and a saucepan, turkey in toasting pan with butter at least six hours or deep fried.
F*** it I tried. Ouch.
Thulani Lubhede 5 months ago
so true
Raquel Torres 9 months ago
Funny, witty, well written. 
L Rodriguez 10 months ago
love the actual experience behind the humor, and honesty,....write on...please

amber talwar More than 1 year ago
I like the passage so when the burning.....
Mrudula Rani 10 months ago
I admit, I have done a  few of those mishaps myself !

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