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asking myself

Asking Myself 6/16/17

I ask myself what more can I give this life
This dream sequence feels real yet full of strife
The color is gone, where do I belong
The wind is strong, but the direction is wrong
The chase was long, the outcome leaves me forlorn
I tremble to touch my soul, still, once done I can’t let go
I bleed to persist, and somehow continue with life’s journey list
This searching for some truth has bloodied my soul and stolen my youth
Forever there, the dancing bear, spinning, twirling, ever yearning
For one step off the stage, ever not to be cadged
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asking myself, by Fred Derf 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
poetry BROWN 3 months ago
love it
sonoo sonoo 3 months ago
It touched my heart.......
also check my poem http://poetry.com/poems/1769468-beauty-of-summer

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