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About Me and My Poetry

Poem writing is my hobby though English is not my mother tongue but am love to write in English to convey my feelings with whole world. here is my message for entire world peoples. Hatred could never win over the world; it is love which can conquer the stone-hearted opponents. This world can be turned into paradise with peace and love, for love begets love.

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Freshness of lovely pink rose 
hard to keep novelty to froze 
As tempest is unsafe to them. 
Care of adore similar as rose 
same youth of rose and bride 
We are singing for them lied? 
Whilst blossom become wither 
?Similar as the aged got tide.  
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Raining is much significant for plants
as human beings, its great influence
on leaf and life, its impact is penetrate
... continued
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Molo was my pet dog, I memorized those days
He had awesome sincerity, just smiled then he
Recognized his enemy on the around as ways,
... continued
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Molo was my pet dog, I memorized those days,
His sincerity was awesome, just smiled then was
Recognized his enemy on the around or ways,
... continued
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snows pale mountains views pleasant 
the other valleys beauty are relevant 
one appearing pebble after hundred 
years came into the snow when melt 

the shining of pebble was different 
as looking just released from jail 
than production of good crop 
appearing rejoice of the peasant 

sun appeared behind the clouds 
that sunbeams pebble was resent 
he became anger the hundred 
years why he had been latent 

the beauty of world now can see 
regret when he found it meant 
during this an avalanche came 
there again pebble become latent 
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I saw the yellow leaf down river land
some were out,some were inside sand
I became wonder to seen their life
... continued
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It is very difficult get true love 
You may love but she’s not love 
A breaking bridge in life, 
when lacking of love 
voyage onward get first that real love 
disturbing if you don’t get of her love 
wounded is the heart 
bleeding within 
may it heal, but never finding love 
stays broken 
yep, I am in love with a lady of rose 
to get her it’s difficult as climbing 
top of then Mount Everest 
looking not to fail Rose, my love 
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In moonlit beams shadow of you
Appearing on my heart rather than
It is not clear, but I could feel
... continued
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Gesture green leaves similar to jolly life
The other words no life without wife,
Rise and falls the part of life and ocean,
... continued
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The ways I walked, the path prefer for my life 
Though Misery sometime but it is okay with 
Me at least the wealth of honesty I have, that’s 
Better than aristocratic majesty, great honesty tiff 
Once you try, and you will flay air without plane 
And you proud to be yourself, if you ever feel miff   
Do assist the deprived then you will be delightful   
As I have delighters in my intellect,candor is my elf       

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