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About Me and My Poetry

There are many trades and professions In my time. I have a very good husband of 35years! I have 5 sons and one daughter. My life is about family! 12 Grandchildren and many pets. I love to read poetry and some of Shakespeare's plays.

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Searching for my strength
Finding strength, is in the Quest
Ultimately, at rest.....
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When days and night's seem as one
When the heart aches and comes undone
It could be love that causes such pain and
Discord, .........
Coming from the adored!
Gentle loving care in a gentle touch
Becomes to means so much.......................
Death, or separation can bring two lovers
To desperation.
Remember life is calling
To one and all when the voice of life
Grows silent,
the voice of death will,
Claim us all.....
Live like there is no tomorrow,
share each other's , Joy's and sorrows.
When your joined to hold each other's
Heart, the souls connect,
now you have,
Twice as much to protect!
To have and to hold a partner, is a gift
Be there by their side, honor the vows
That bind , there is a warmth of the loving

A Union of love Is a blessing you find
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Winter is the time I thrive
Cold and windy I'm still alive.
Just seems like yesterday, my
... continued
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Sifting through the corners of my life, I find my grief
And sorrow, is as great as my blessings and joys.
Seeing what I have not, dwelling on what I don't have
There is much to be said about faith, for it has carried me
In the darkest hours, even though the darkness surrounded
Me it did not consume me. Many times broken, or at the
Point of breaking, I know that I am not what has happened
To me, I'm a child of God, and compassion is my choice
In life! We are never alone there is more we just don't
Always see it, or feel it!
This is not rose colored glasses this has been my life, kind
And unkind monstrosities,alike
When we least expect it that helping hand, that warm heart,
That kind words that can pick you up, is there when you need
It the most.
We must see it when the time comes, because it is has many
Names we can not forget! Like, hope, charity, compassion, faith,
And love!
With all the cruelty, hate, and evil in this world we need to call out the
Names of the names we can not forget!

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Not sure what way to turn
Tired, confused and hungry
I have to find a place to sleep
... continued
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In the silence of the night
I walk the fields by The Moon's
Soft light.
Do the stars touch the sky as I
Watch them fly by!
Do the krickets sing for love
Sweet melody that sways above.
Good memories of sights and sounds
Follows me in my mind and all around!
Looking at a world of Art....
Life is beauty from the start..
Close your eyes and relive this sight
The peaceful beauty of a Moonlit night.

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Sweet dreams held through the night
Early dawn is my first sight.
Morning Glory's in full bloom
Roses sent that fill the room

This is a day renew, so I hold it
Close for they are so few..
Up and dressed and on my
Way. Thank you God for this
Bright Day.

... continued
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Liquid emotions, flow.
Tears appears throughout the years
Facing, sorrow or joy.
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Laugh a little, cry a little.
Live a lot! Give it all you got!
Tears and laughter, many years
... continued
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Liquid emotions, flow
Tears appears throughout the years
Facing , sadness or joy.
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