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My lord krishna !

I smile
i laugh
i cry
i find
i try
i learn
i care
i admire
most of the time
didn't find this world great
in front of you,
most of my memories
my prayers
my faith a beautiful connection
connects me to you,
life is nothing without you
i didn't remember a day
a moment
lived without you,
my life is not mine
from the day
i recognised you
started loving you
remembering you
my life is now yours
with you i met my best self
without you i feel losted
mind doesn't work without you
heart feel sensitive
your rememberance is favorite to me
your love is my strength,
your eyes provide power,
lips touches my head,
your arms protecting me
from all negativities,
your voice flows all around,
i can feel your presence
in everything
in everyway
in me in my fellows
all around
that's the reason to
care all beings
to love this universe
to rejoice this freedom
to enjoy this positivity
loving you is the most wonderful deed !
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My lord krishna !, by Rakhi Tiwari 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Sonja Carnes 5 months ago
This is another good poem here! Great stuff!
Love your energy, and kind words!
Rakhi Tiwari 5 months ago
Thanks a bunch :) :)
Rakhi Tiwari 5 months ago
Sonia Crt 5 months ago
nice share
Rakhi Tiwari 5 months ago
Thanks :)
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