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About Me and My Poetry

Hi friends , Myself Rakhi Tiwari from Indore city Madhya Pradesh, student from PCB field persuing b.sc final and preparing for CSE ,,Love to read & write, music is the way to express every feeling in our own but writing that feel on the paper is something like taken out that feeling to the eyes of world , the expressions , thoughts everything may touches their heart. My family- loving parents and a sibling(younger sister). I am 22 years old and want to be an inspirational writer who'll be able to heal all pain & sorrows and let people remain with the success & happiness for their whole life.

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Special to me
Near to my heart
Dear than anyone
I care them like kids
They reply me their love
in their own way,
Make me awake
At five o'clock
Chirp all the time
So i rejoice
Plays around
I feel very light
My problems, worries
turns into satisfaction,
After looking to them
I feel happy
Heaven is on earth
I found with them,
Love is their language,
I find myself very special
to have them
As my innocent friends
My finches, my great partners
My loving buddies, my charm !

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Hey , silent girl
to whom you fear ?
Why do you sit alone?
Listen ,speak something,
Hello hello ....

Excuse me ,
Please tell me
I want to know
I'm really curious
to your silence,

Hello girl,
Don't you believe me?
I'll not tell to anyone
But please break your silence
For any reason
I can't wait more

What if I tell, girl replied,
I'm afraid to you
Your questions
Your curiosity
Your nature
Your impatience,

My family wants to know
My look towards life
Life is not safe alone, they think!
They want me to marry their choice
And to live
As same as all living with rejoice,

Sometimes my life isn't mine
It looks like
Divided into two lines
One side i want to shine
Another side i'm hurt & dying,

Why everyone wants to know
girl's mind ?
Why egoistic person lies,
What's the problem
If I want to continue my life as i wish to be,

Why to create problems all around
Giving scared atomoshere
Crime everywhere
I always doubt on most of people
And you're still politely asking to me that
why i'm afraid and the reason behind!

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After a day
Peaceful time
... continued
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Tired i
cried eyes
silent lips
... continued
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Like to play with spoons
in the dinning hall
Watching television
... continued
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Sunday looks super cool
Monday is best for work
Tuesday is following Monday
... continued
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Most of the time
searching for the restaurants
Love to take cold coffee
... continued
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Insects are tiny
Looks devilish,
Had close association with us
Adapted to living with us,
House plants has added
further opportunities,
They're enjoying created comforts
of modern living by us !

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Land, water, soil, forests,
call by us as natural resources,
... continued
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I want to be rise in your love
Instead of fall,
I want to feel glory of it
... continued
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