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About Me and My Poetry

I have to laugh because everyone thinks your writing is based mostly on your life experiences...I find this laughable because my mind is free and a world of imagination..I can become anything and write about it in detail..A brilliant mind isn't closed...it's see's and feels EVERYTHING

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About My Poem

My name is Shawn and I want to make that clear
It seems like I am no longer wanted around here
Washington state has done for me all it can do
Then I got a simple act of kindness from a guy like you
His name is Mike and he was once like me
And someone helped him out too just as he is doing for me
I needed a second chance at and to restart my life
I posted on Craigslist all about my fight
With life that seems to be so hard for me
And my depression that stirs up inside of me
I lost all my hope and prayed and prayed to the lord
Hoping to get on last chance that would be heard
I heard a voice one day say Billings Montana
Go there right away
But I did not have any money to buy a bus ticket there
And it all seemed like life would end here
Then Mike responded to my ad
He said that He would be glad
To help me out because he was there in life before
And someone else helped him out there for
He purchased my ticket and told me there ya go
I am glad to help you now you must go
I cried like a baby and my tears flowed
Do to a simple act of kindness that I was bestowed
I thank you Mike and will not forget
The act of kindness you did for me instead
Of turning your back and looking the other way
Helping a stranger out in his dismay
I just have six simple words to say to you

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I feel no sorrow
And have no shame
I might even have someone to blame
... continued
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I can feel your presence and I know your there
It seems like your everywhere
I get chills that I cannot explain
... continued
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I can barely see where I am going
I don't even know what I am doing
Wandering around aimlessly
... continued
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I am only as strong as my weakest link
The depression that I have makes me think
About all the negative things that happened in my life
... continued
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The Raven
Flying around and caws at thy
... continued
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Look into my eyes and you will see
How my soul is so empty
Their is no one home inside of there
... continued
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The hustle and bustle as I get ready to ride
My leather chaps at my side
The announcer telling stories about my ride
About the only bull that no one can ride
Yeah you guessed it
The bulls name is Rawhide
Two thousand pounds of muscle and bones
Right along with its two foot length massive horns
Snot running out his nose
Slinging it back on my toes
As I get strapped in for one hell of a ride
The sweat is dripping from above my eyes
I knod my head and away we go
The shoot gate opens and there he blows
Twisting and turning with unbelievable force
Hell no this isn't no horse
Hanging on with all my might
Being whipped around almost like a rag doll in flight
Spinning around and around as fast as you can
And leaping and kicking up higher than the second row of stands
Man what a fight
I hope I don't lose tonight
I hear the whistle but cant let you go
Now I'm just riding you to show
That's right bull me and you are not done tangling
There's no way your going to leave me dangling
But you do and toss me off of you
I hit the ground and then look up at you spitting out my chew
I toss my cowboy hat into the air giving you a nice long stare
But you had nothing with that
And came running back
The clowns try to steer you clear
But you just horn them in the rear
Coming straight toward me in high gear
Here you come I start to run
You just lower your head like you're having fun
You catch up to me on the run
Tossing me up and into the fans
That wasn't a part of my plans

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My name is Shawn and let me make that clear
I am always the shy and humble one around here
Lets all go down to the tavern for some beers
... continued
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You can be only so lonely and so obsolete from society
Everyone who walks by you pretends you don't exist
And they all hurry along before they start their shifts
... continued
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