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How Poetry.com Works!

Poetry.com welcomes all amateur poets and wants to encourage your participation in the world’s largest and most vibrant poetry community. We have established a system of points and badges which you’ll earn for every different type of action you take. For example, you will receive points for each poem you write, each poem you review, etc.

Achievement Badges

When you earn enough points for each category of action, you will receive a badge. There are currently 8 different badges you can earn, for eight different actions you can take. There are also six Master Badges. The Master Badge is the Grand Total of all the points you have earned from all the actions you have taken while participating in the community.

My_poems_1_unlocked About My Poem
This badge is earned when you tell people more about your poem in the “about my poem” section under each of your poems. Earn 10 points for each.
Hof_1_unlocked Hall of Fame
This badge is earned by claiming poems that you have previously written and submitted to the old poetry.com archive. Earn 25 points for each poem claimed.
Critic_1_unlocked Critic
This badge is earned by rating and reviewing other people’s poems. Earn 25 points for each poem you rate and review.
Editor_1_unlocked Editor
This badge is earned by giving a thumbs up or thumbs down to other poems on the site. Earn 5 points for each thumbs up or thumbs down.
Fan_1_unlocked Fan Favorite
This badge is earned by receiving comments, reviews and thumbs up for your poems. Earn 10 points for every review you receive, 2 points for every thumbs up you receive, and 5 points for every comment received.
Soc_poet_unlocked Master Poet
The Master Badge represents the total amount of points that you have earned from participating in the poetry.com community
Promoter_1_unlocked Poetry Promoter
This badge is earned by sharing anything on the site to Facebook, Twitter or other social media. Earn 25 points for each item shared.
Friend_1_unlocked Poet's Friend
Earn this badge when you receive thumbs up for reviews you made of other people’s poems. Earn 15 points for each thumbs up.
Published_1_unlocked Published Poet
This badge is earned by submitting new poems to the community. Earn 10 points for each poem submitted.
Badge Levels - Level 1 = 1 - 99 points, Level 2 = 100 - 148 points, Level 3 = 149 - 499 points, Level 4 = 500 - 1,749 points, About My Poem = 1,750+

The Master Poetry Badge

The Master Poet Badges represent the total amount of points that you have earned from all of the actions described above. There are 6 different Master Badges as follows:

Soc_poet_unlocked Poet
Awarded for earning 1 - 498 points.
Soc_talented_poet_unlocked Talented Poet
Awarded for earning 499 - 999 points.
Soc_distinguished_poet_unlocked Distinguished poet
Awarded for earning 1,000 - 2,249 points.
Soc_most_valuable_poet_unlocked Most Valuable Poet
Awarded for earning 2,250 - 6,249 points.
Soc_poet_laureate_unlocked Poet Laureate
Awarded for earning 6,250 - 14,999 points.
Soc_legendary_poet_unlocked Legendary Poet
Awarded for earning 15,000+ points.
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Bonus Points

You may also receive bonus points for the following actions:

Register with Poetry.com—Earn 50 points
Complete your Profile—Earn 15 points
Connect to social networks—Earn 25 points
Log in –Earn 15 points